TMLS 33: Instagram Business Boost with Sue B. Zimmerman
Social Networking, Vlog Boss Radio with Amy Schmittauer

33: Instagram Business Boost with Sue B. Zimmerman


My friend Sue who was on the YouTube channel a couple weeks ago is on the show today talking more Instagram marketing goodness, SSSLIVE and so much more.

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Today’s Chat:

Sue B. Zimmerman

Sue on Instagram

The Instagram Expert

Sue on YouTube

Sue and Amy’s video about Instagram

Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port (My review of the book here.)

The Instagram Photo Thief

Brendan Burchard

Sue’s 1st YouTube video about Instagram

Word Swag video review

How to reswag in Word Swag video from Sue

Diptic app

My video review of IFTTT

Hyperlapse app

Videohance app

Videomeals Instagram account

PicPlayPost on Apple and Android

9 Hot Mobile Apps for Instagram

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