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What Action Should Your Audience Take After Your Podcast? [VIDEO]

You’ve given away a TON of value on your podcast and now it’s time for your audience to take action. So what should they do? Top podcasters share what they prompt their listeners to do next.

What Action Should Your Audience Take After Your Podcast

Chris Cerrone: The Chris Cerrone Show

Chris Cerrone’s priority when people listen to his podcast is to get them back to the website to consume more content and join his email list. No matter what the decision is of the listener, the best thing they can do to get more value and move the needle for The Cerrone Show is to get back to the website and learn more.

P.S. Listen to my interview with Chris on his show and mine!

Srinivas Rao: Unmistakable Creative

Srinivas Rao wants people to spread the word as soon as they’re done listening. There’s always going to be this amazing amount of tactic and technique sharing but word of mouth is the biggest needle mover for the Unmistakable Creative brand so it’s their greatest asset for the next move of the listener.

Tim Paige: Conversioncast

Tim Paige works with Lead Pages and produces the podcast Conversioncast, so it’s very fitting that they have a landing page they want people to go to whenever they finish listening to the episode. Getting them back to the website and hopefully on their email list for more content in the future.

Michael O’Neal: The Solopreneur Hour

Michael O’Neal sees his end goal is getting the listener to grow their thought leadership through his mastermind program. But by making the largest impact, he just wants his audience to hear from the guests of Solo Hour to get motivated about achieving that financial freedom that will make their lives changed to what they really see for themselves in the future.

P.S. Listen to my interview with Michael on The Solopreneur Hour!


What action do you want your audience to take after they listening to your podcast or other medium of content? Share in the comments!

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Love Tim Paige and Lead Pages in general. It eliminates the complicated stuff and speeds up the process of capturing leads and entering potential clients into your funnel. Looking forward to more of your interviews from the trip!