How to Schedule Posts on Facebook [VIDEO]

Did you know that you can schedule posts on Facebook? A lot of people I consult with and those who Pick My Brain tell me about all the cool tools that they’ve found to help them with their social media presence so they can focus on their business during most of the day. Unfortunately, those third party platforms are NOT a good option for Facebook. So instead of using those, I’m going to show you today how you can schedule posts directly on the social network. You’ll have better results on the news feed and still be able to allot the appropriate time for social media marketing that you have planned.

How to Schedule Posts on Facebook

The reality of Facebook is that it just doesn’t like when you use outside websites to post on their social network. (Except for Instagram, feel free to cross-post from there because Facebook is trying to get their money’s worth on that acquisition LOL!)

But a lot of people don’t realize there is still the ability to be present on Facebook without having to be there all day long. And that’s with the built in brand page scheduler.

That’s right. You can actually get your posts ready and schedule them over a period of time, so that you can make sure you’re always in the right mindset to market yourself and not just post and go. And also get that time back that you were making a random moments in the day to post and go, when you should be focusing on one project at a time.

Watch the video above for the exact process of scheduling a post on Facebook and keep in mind that this is for brand pages. You shouldn’t be doing business on your personal page anyway, so stop that! If you haven’t figured that out yet, here’s my advice for making friends move to where you talk business on Facebook.

This is by far, the best way to get the most out of your Facebook presence and still be able to keep your sanity of not spending too much time there. Just set times to schedule and set times to respond to comments and you’re good to go!

Oh and if this is taking you too long in the first place, then you’re probably writing WAY too much text. Always remember that even though Facebook gives you a lot of characters, you don’t need to use them all! People like to skim. So say what you want them to know first and then link and then you’re done. The sooner you get to the point, the better.

Watch How to Schedule Posts on Facebook.


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Maybe you explained this and I missed it, does Facebook limit the views for posts from a 3rd party app (like Buffer)?


Well done, I am reading on. I like the ifttt segment you did and just curious whether you are an Evernote user as well?

Tim Henderson
Tim Henderson

2 huge tips inside this video, especially 3rd party "auto post" , and the Time of day (scheduling) DOES Matter when posting to your Tribe! Thank you Amy! Savvy Sexy Social

Eric Thurow
Eric Thurow

This is such a convenient tool. I've been using it for the last few months. I also use the post scheduler over on Tumblr. Thanks for the great video. Keep them coming and enjoy your day.