13: Podcast Rockstar Chris Cerrone on Networking The Right Way


Not long ago, today’s guest emailed me a request to appear on his podcast. I had never heard of him, but who am I to turn down an offer to talk about me? The interview was great, so I started going through his archive to learn more. Before long I’m binge-listening to this guy and loving every episode. We quickly became social media buds. While vacationing in Las Vegas, I called my new friend, Chris Cerrone, who invited me to do an in-studio interview. After two appearances on his top-rated podcast, it was time to return the favor and have him on the Marketing Lifestyle. Listen to this episode to learn from one of the best podcasters in the business – and Chris isn’t bad either.


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About Chris:

The Chris Cerrone Show is a top-ranked business podcast specifically for entrepreneurs and anyone looking to make a change in their life. Three times a week he interviews people who have started businesses or thinking of taking a shot. One of the cool and unique things about Chris’s show is he treats episodes like case studies. He, along with his once-a-week co-host Laci Urcioli, will analyze a guest’s business and provide an honest assessment. It’s become so popular that Chris is flooded with requests from people who want his advice.


The Chat:


A First Thing:

If you’re going to do a great podcast, you have to care about your subject matter. Seems like a no-brainer, but even Chris has fallen into the trap from time-to-time of forcing himself to talk about something. If he’s going to discuss a business venture on his podcast, he wants a certain “vibe” from it. A discerning audience will know if you really care about what you’re talking about or just filling an hour. Don’t wing it. 


A Big Thing:

Don’t assume that podcasters are so desperate for content they’ll accept any solicitation. Chris and I shared some horror stories of self-promoters using canned emails trying to get on our respective programs. It doesn’t work – at least not with pros like Chris.  Yes, we do want people to reach out and offer to appear on our shows. But don’t start out your query by telling us how great you are and how perfect you would be for our show. And do a little work first: listen to a few episodes, look us up on social media and get to know who we are. Then write us a personal request instead of copying and pasting the same one you send to 50 other podcasters. It’s not hard.


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