For-Purpose Entrepreneur Wesley Chapman on Finding Your Calling
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12: For-Purpose Entrepreneur Wesley Chapman on Finding Your Calling


Today’s guest and I have never spoken until today’s podcast. So how did I score a one-hour interview with somebody like Wesley Chapman? I sent out a tweet asking for people interested in being a guest on the Marketing Lifestyle. So Wesley tweets back and volunteers to be on the show. I knew a little about him and the more I discovered about him the more I thought he either his Twitter account was hacked or he was playing a cruel joke. No way a guy like this — who I didn’t even know — would have time to be on my show. But he was serious, and I am incredibly grateful. This is one episode you don’t want to miss. Hearing Wesley talk about his latest project will make you think hard about what’s important and it could even change your life.

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About Wesley:

I can’t do Wesley’s story justice in this tiny space, so I encourage you to find out more about him by buying his book when it comes out. The cliff notes version is this: He was abandoned by his parents by the age of 6 1/2 and lived with his grandmother, who suffered from a disability. Forced to grow up faster than most kids, he started selling flowers from his grandmother’s acreage door-to-door, a venture that earned him $500 a day. He spent his career as an entrepreneur until a series of events led him to start a new chapter in his life, dedicated to teaching disadvantaged youth how to “sell flowers” too.


The Chat:


A First Thing:

Wesley didn’t start telling his story until his late 20s. When he did, renowned speakers like Greg Reid, Les Brown and Zig Ziglar said he should follow in their footsteps and become a motivational speaker. Wesley kicked the tires a little on that line of work, but he ultimately felt it wasn’t his purpose. He did, however, make a presentation to 6th-8th graders, where he met a girl who had considered suicide just before the assembly. By that evening, this girl credited Wesley with saving her life. That’s when he realized his calling and founded A Human Project. To see one example of how the organization is changing lives, please take a few minutes to watch the story of Ruby, a young girl being helped by A Human Project.


A Big Thing:

The mission of A Human Project is to “create a community of empowered youth.” By empowering young people with the right tools, the organization aims to break the cycle of hopelessness that many children endure. While A Human Project is legally a non-profit organization, Wesley has dubbed it a “for-purpose organization.” The difference? Rather than operate on a shoe-string budget, A Human Project uses its funds to hire top talent, create thought-provoking programs and events and invest in marketing and core systems. In other words, Wesley runs it like a business. He wants to dispel the notion that you have to give up your lifestyle in order to do good in the world.


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Was an honor to be on your show! Thank you very much! I hope your audience found some value in our convo! ;) Thank you so much! 


Great show!  I tuned in to hear about A Human Project but am also leaveing with a knowlege  of what Amy Schmittauer is all about.  Loved her "shameless" plugs.  As for AHP, I love what they are doing and am touched by the stories told by the youth and how their lives are being changed.


If I survive Burning Man this year, I'll be @ Chris Ducker's mastermind. Can't wait to meet you guys!

schmittastic moderator

@PureNutrients21 Thank you so much! I hope to see you at the webinar among other things! Also, Wesley is dabombdotcom. Am I right?