The Coolest Guy at VidCon 2014 [VIDEO]
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The Coolest Guy at VidCon 2014 [VIDEO]

I was super impressed with someone at VidCon this year and it compelled me to make this video. If you want to know what it’s like to be the coolest guy at VidCon, tune in.

The Coolest Guy at VidCon 2014

I hope VidCon sees this video if they’re not already aware of the events at their event this year that they DID NOT organize. Because it’s kind of a big deal.

This event has become a major destination for people around the world who want to meet their favorite YouTube creators. Many of the most popular YouTubers are invited as a special guest by VidCon organizers so they can make sure they have the talent to bring in registrations. The person I made this video about, however? Not ever been invited specifically… even though he has 2 million plus rabid fans.

The man himself is Adande “Swoozie” Thorne. You Marketing Lifestyle Show listeners know who I’m talking about. The reason why he blew me away was that on his own dime, he came to this event and stood outside with his own meetup for more than 12 hours. ON THE FIRST DAY.

Not to mention the continued madness on Day 2, which you’ll see footage of in the video. He truly spoke to each person like they were the first person he saw all day and took regular fans and made them loyal advocates for LIFE.

This guy deserves way more mainstream attention than he currently gets (ahem, VidCon) but it’s not even about that. Swoozie knows what it takes to make his audience happy and he’s 100% all in. Both online and off. I think we can all take a note from how he engages his network of fans in a way that we can do the same, whether we’re talking to someone who knows our online persona well or is just meeting us for the first time. It’s all relevant!

I hope you don’t forget to watch the rest of my VidCon/YouTube related videos from this week including SEO Tips from Top YouTubers in Technology as well as information about the new YouTube Tip Jar. And thanks to everyone who made this week’s content a major success!

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