New Pinterest Guided Search Helps Your Marketing Strategy [VIDEO]
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New Pinterest Guided Search Helps Your Marketing Strategy [VIDEO]

Pinterest just made search really fun with their latest feature. Why does it matter to you? Because it’s like a whole new way of being found for your awesome multimedia content.

New Pinterest Guided Search Helps Your Marketing Strategy

If you pull up Pinterest on mobile and begin to look for a certain item in search, there are new features that guide you through the process depending on what you want to help you get the best results.

These big beautiful prompts begin to appear for every search keywork you use as Pinterest in learning what you’re looking for and thinking about the best options to continue to offer to tailor those pins that appear.

In the video example we start with the word “wedding” which is a popular search on Pinterest for those looking for ideas. Once you’ve gotten there, you have a lot to work with but then Pinterest wants you to think more closely about the category you want to look at by suggesting things like rings, hairstyles and cakes.

So if you go with “cakes”, you’ll see that you do in fact get a great feed of wedding cakes, but also more prompts to be even more specific based on what your preferences are. Square, vintage, purple. You name it, there’s likely an option for you to limit your search without even knowing before you started what you were going to choose.

These options are so fantastic for taking a HUGE database like Pinterest and turning it into an absolutely phenomenally targeted search. It’s fun for users but why does it matter to brands?

If this doesn’t tell you how important copy is to good multimedia, I don’t know what does. It’s those descriptions that make this search work the way it does. So if you didn’t put “purple wedding cake” in the copy, how do you think Pinterest knows that? You have to at least assume that they can’t guess (although many would argue that that technology is changing) so that you can show up high in search for targeted info people are searching for.

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