Joe Miragliotta on Brand Relationships That Benefit Everyone
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7: Lifestyle Blogger Joe Miragliotta on Brand Relationships That Benefit Everyone


Two years ago, I attended my first VidCon, an annual conference dedicated all things online video. The experience changed my life. Not only was I inspired by all the creativity in the online video world, I also met many of the people who populate my comment stream on YouTube. That includes my guest today, Joe Miragliotta, best known for his men’s lifestyle blog, JoesDaily. Although I had to push him a little to brag about himself, he shares his incredible story of becoming the go-to guru on travel, fashion and other guy stuff.


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Don’t scoff at anything. Don’t shoo people away. Be polite and honest. It can lead to bigger things.

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About Joe:

Today’s guest is Joe Miragliotta, former social media strategist turned full-time blogger and freelance digital consultant. When his previous employer went out of business about a year ago, Joe had a choice: Accept one of the job offers flooding his inbox or strike out on his own. He chose the latter, building a consulting practice with the clients from his previous gig. At the same time, he also transformed his hobby of blogging about cool stuff for guys into a full-time brand-building endeavor. As his audience grew, Joe started receiving free products from all kinds of brands looking for exposure. He has also had the opportunity to travel extensively, with those footing the bill hoping for a mention in


The Chat:


A First Thing:

In social media, the narrower your intended audience, the larger the number of potential followers. Your online content has to be geared for the audience you are supposed to be reaching, not necssarily all the others who might jump on the bandwagon. For example, if the bulk of your audience should be teenage male gamers, develop all your content for that group. If the content is compelling, women and middle-aged gamers will follow you as well. But nobody will become a passionate fan if you create generic content for the masses. Joe estimates 40 percent of his audience is women, despite blatantly labeling his content as being for a certain type of man.


A Big Thing:

One of the keys to successfully building a brand on YouTube is joining a Multi-Channel Network (MCN). These are entities that affiliate with multiple YouTube channels to offer assistance with programming, funding, digital rights management and a lot of other services. Joe says MCNs are for creators who don’t understand the business side. He compares trying to build an audience by yourself on YouTube as performers negotiating their own contracts. Nobody does that; they rely on agents and business managers who know how to negotiate, who understand all the legal stuff and have the right contacts. He works with Big Frame, and touts their ability to negotiate on his behalf and help with the legal complexities of online video.


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