How I Schedule My Tweets with Buffer App [VIDEO]

I’ve made a video about this before but I wanted to make an updated version because how I do things is even more simple than it was before when it comes to scheduling Twitter activity on the @SavvySexySocial account. This is a tutorial of how I do everything with Buffer App.

How I Schedule My Tweets with Buffer

Buffer App is my saving grace when it comes to all things schedule, link shortening and measuring on Twitter. I’m absolutely obsessed. Even when Hootsuite decided to jump on the bandwagon that Buffer had set the bar for in making it easier to schedule with predetermined timing, I was already hooked. Which is why I’m making a new version of how I schedule because I really don’t need Hootsuite to get the job done anymore. It’s still a great monitoring option, but not necessary in my every day.

One thing you’re going to want in addition to an account with Buffer is the added functionality they offer for your internet browser so you can literally “buffer” anything anytime. This is the Google Chrome extension that I use. If you’re on another browser then just do a little Googling and I’m sure you’ll find something to download.

The reason why I love this app is one of the first steps you’ll take with your account: determining your times that you want to tweet every day of the week. Once you’ve set these in place, you won’t have to worry about picking individual dates and times for each of your tweets, a very tedious tasks when you’re expected share content much more frequently on this platform.

From there you just need to find your content and shape your tweets the way you like them. Watch the tutorial to understand how I differentiate between other people’s content and my own peppered in between.

How do you schedule Twitter activity? Do you think this would be a good option for your brand? Share in the comments!

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Michael Anthony Murphy
Michael Anthony Murphy

i''ve been using Hootsuite and its auto scheduler. Any opinions on its effectiveness ?


I've been tag teaming Feedly and Buffer for the past month or so and feel like it's cheating every time since it's SO simple. You're right about the Chrome extension too as it's a big time saver. I liked the insight into how you tailor your tweets!

David Oldenburg
David Oldenburg

Seriously, just make it easy and fun and you will want to do it :-)

schmittastic moderator

@BrantBell Thank you Brant!! So glad to hear it's an easy process for you just like it is for me. SOOO freakin' nice when you're trying to be present!

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