Why You Need to Come to Ohio Growth Summit 2014 [VIDEO]
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Why You Need to Come to Ohio Growth Summit 2014 [VIDEO]

I have a great number of events I’ll be heading to this summer to network, continue my education and even speak. The first and probably most exciting for me is Ohio Growth Summit 2014. As many of you know they are a 3-year running client of mine and it’s absolutely, no doubt about it, the best small business conference in the Midwest.

So my friend Matthew Russo, another OGS speaker, is hopping on the vlog with me today to talk about what we’re speaking about at the event so we can convince you to come hang out with us and better your brand. So watch!

Why You Need to Come to Ohio Growth Summit 2014

Matt is a digital strategist at a Columbus local firm 30 Lines. Brilliant guy when it comes to what’s up with all your marketing outlets and how they need to work together for one goal. In the video, we talk a little bit more about this and how he will be teaching this in his breakout OGS session: Systems for Growth, Why Building Bridges is Better than Building Islands.

I will also be speaking as a breakout sessioneer (I just made that name up, what do you think?) and I’m going to be talking about… what else? YouTube! How to Make Marketing Sexy with YouTube is the name of my session. Because you guys know how I like to put the word “sexy” in everything. (Okay seriously I need to stop for all the poor viewers who are being blocked at their firewalled workplace Internet lol) I’m going to blowing people’s minds with how you can shine that personality through your video content plan and not only reach your audience but build brand advocates too.

There are literally 2 full days of content with 6 keynote speakers including Chris Brogan, Steve Kloyda, Jason Surfrapp, Heather Whaling, Jess Ostroff and Jerry Ross. And even more breakout speakers besides myself and Matt. It’s going to be awesome.

So if you’re in Columbus and you want to come hang, network and get needle-moving advice that you can implement for your business IMMEDIATELY, come with us to Ohio Growth Summit in Downtown Columbus. You can use either my discount code or Matts (AMY20 or MATT20) to get 20% off a two-day badge. HELLO DISCOUNT!! That’s always good for the budget.

Come to Ohio Growth Summit!

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Steven M. Smith
Steven M. Smith

Awesome Amy! I am sure you and Matt will both Rock the House!