Hiring Virtually to Help Your Business Grow :: Virtual Freedom Book Review [VIDEO]

Hiring Virtually to Help Your Business Grow :: Virtual Freedom Book Review [VIDEO]

Chris Ducker is a great online friend of mine and the author of Virtual Freedom: How to Work with VIrtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business. (affiliate) In this episode of the Triple S, we’re talking about the advantages of hiring people to get things done that you don’t need to have your hands on, therefore growing your business.

Hiring Virtually to Help Your Business Grow

I’ve been working on this area of my business a lot in the last year because it was getting to a point where I was turning down work — that’s right…¬†turning down work — because I didn’t think I wanted it or had the ability to take it on. It finally dawned on me that I was never going to be able to grow my business unless I hired someone.

But hiring is so tough. Just because you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner doesn’t mean you’re a good manager and I’ve seen too many talented people be painted in a bad light because of that very combination that they weren’t ready for.

But I took the jump and I started hiring virtually. I’m now working with the following contractors:

  • A virtual assistant: Focusing on my calendar, scheduling and travel booking
  • An editorial manager: Making sure all my client work is up to par and published on time
  • A copywriter: To write some of the client content that we handle
  • A video editor: Because we make a lot of videos
  • A videographer: To help me with on-site filming projects
  • A social media manager: To assist with client execution that we’re hired for

That’s a lot of people to work with and make sure the wheels are turning the way they should. The editorial manager comes in really handy here to help me as the messenger, but I have to make sure life is good for her working with my business as well.

That’s why I was really excited to pick up Chris’ new book: Virtual Freedom.

It’s so important that you continue to educate yourself on how to best handle your business and in this area I’m a complete noob. Chris talks about everything when it comes to virtual assisting, like:

  • Where you can find people to hire
  • Why there’s not a one-job-fits-all kind of assistant
  • How to put your team together
  • How to communicate
  • How to assign¬†tasks
  • And even being considerate of their holidays and time off.

I’m so grateful for this book and it was a super quick read. A great resource if you’re looking for a way to grow your business and not have to do it all. You don’t have to be Super(wo)man to run a great business! (Speaking of, I love what he says about superhero syndrome in here!)

Get your copy of Virtual Freedom.

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Philip Murad
Philip Murad

Two other people told me I need to read it. Guess it's an omen!!

Steven M. Smith
Steven M. Smith

Thanks for sharing that Amy. We are challenged with that very thing everyday as we grow. I am going to get a copy. :)

Savvy Sexy Social
Savvy Sexy Social

I'm just learning how amazing it is for me and I'm so excited :)

David Oldenburg
David Oldenburg

Savvy Sexy Social Delegating and managing a business is where most people fail, and they burn out...or just can't grow. I have people who I pay to help in different areas and it makes a huge difference :-)