Find Your Fans on Pinterest [VIDEO]
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Find Your Fans on Pinterest [VIDEO]

Everyone wants to know if they need to be on every social network. Well, as you’ll learn in today’s video, there’s a way to at least make sure you know what conversations are happening on other networks even if you aren’t prioritizing it as a major venue for your online marketing plan. Today’s example for this is Pinterest.

Find Your Fans on Pinterest

Like on Twitter, Pinterest allows you to do a pretty specific search through the social updates. And this comes in really handy when you’re trying to figure out if people are talking about you.

What’s nice about this is that you can find out what people are saying and be engaged with them in the space where they have having this conversation without the social network as a whole being a huge platform for you in regards to time and resources. You probably want to have a profile and make it look like you have a lot going on, but the engagement  can be the biggest part of your contribution on an as needed basis.

Breaking this down, if you go to Pinterest but instead type the URL: and add your website to that last section, it will pull up results that are only pins that have oroginated from content on your website or a website that you’re searching for.

How much better does it get when you’re trying to learn how to engage people who like what you do than to go to a social network full of people’s inspiration boards and find out who is talking about you in that context? Hello! Invitation to engage!

But what’s even cooler than this, if you’re not making time for Pinterest on a daily basis, you can still stay up to date on this type of information with a 3rd party tool. does exactly what their name says. And exactly what you read about. They will let you know who and where the pin is located of someone who has mentioned something from your website.

Pin Alerts alerts me on a daily basis of the Pinterest activity that’s happening from content on my site, because that’s the timeframe I requested, and then when it comes in and I’ve allocated time, I go to each of those pins with my account and thank the person for sharing my stuff. It’s that simple! And even better, comments are not quite as widespread here as likes and repins are so you will definitely be noticed by doing this.

A really simple way with a lot of free help to stay engaged on another platform without spreading yourself too thin. Especially if you’re trying to decide whether it should be a social network you need to put a little more work into.

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Amy Schmittauer is producer of Savvy Sexy Social, a YouTube series dedicated to helping you lift your day so you can love your life. This proactive lifestyle channel has amassed a community from over 179 countries whose members have contributed more than 3 million views. Follow her on Twitter.
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Love this tip, Amy!  We have an etsy shop, and so we've thanked people for pinning our stuff or if they have questions like, "don't know if I could make my terrarium kit look this pretty" we answer and say, "heck yes you can!  It's so easy and we'll give you step by step photos and instructions."  It's really a neat way to engage with people.  I haven't heard of PinAlerts, though, so thanks for the great advice!
~ Beth Anne

Steven M. Smith
Steven M. Smith

Excellent video Amy on Pinterest! Thanks for the valuable info! :)

David Oldenburg
David Oldenburg

Savvy Sexy Social I am doing a 4-part series on Pinterest for real estate professionals right now and it is great stuff :-)