Video Rockstar Matthew Santoro on Steady Loyal Growth
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3: Video Rockstar Matthew Santoro on Steady Loyal Growth


Matthew Santoro is a guy who has really found his niche on YouTube. The last year has been such a tremendous growth pattern for his channel of amazing facts, that he’s grown his subscribership by at least 25% since we recorded the episode a couple weeks ago and likely another double digit increase before I can hit publish on this! It’s astounding and he shares with us on The Marketing Lifestyle Show how this steady loyal growth along with a well executed structure and niche made it happen.

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Tweetable Moment:

As long as I stay authentic and remember where I came from, that pretty much guides me.

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If you can get people to be an advocate of your brand, you’re laughin’.

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The Chat:

Let Your Google Hang Out (aka LYGHO)

Scott Kinmartin


Matt’s Main YouTube channel

Matt’s Vlogging YouTube channel

YouTube is Dead: Time to Face Reality <– a video of a time when Matt thought he should quit his passion

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A First Thing:

You have to be willing to hustle. Wanting it and building the foundation on great hustle is what you need or you’re never going to make it. Wanting fame is the wrong way to look at it and it won’t be enough to motivate you. At the end of the day you need to love doing it.


A Big Thing:

So many people that Matt looked up to on YouTube have ever responded back to him through social media communications. Some of them, Matt has met in person and even exchanged hugs and they still are unresponsive. These people are now Matt’s blueprint for what NOT to do. He’s now surpassed some of these people in YouTube subscribers and that’s in large part to the engagement level Matt has with his audience, waking up every morning to a stream full of tweets to respond to and an active comments section.


Book Recommendations (you’re welcome, Gary!):

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk

Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk


Find Matt:






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Amy, I so want to go to more events/conferences, but our main line of work is shooting weddings are are usually on the weekends. What do you think would be a decent alternative for those who can't make it out to those conferences like vidcon, sxsw, nmx, etc. ?? love the show btw, and just everything! thank you!

schmittastic moderator

My alternative would be to tell you that you have to make the time in your schedule to cater to your own business just like you make time to cater to your clients. In your case I'm sure it's tough to say no when it's a great client and you're "just" going to a conference. But the relationships and education you can get there may pay you back in way more than that once client and could be the steps you needed to take to make your business go to the next level. The real question is: how often do you make time for just your business? That's how you prioritize events to go to and when your making that call. Also... Can't you hire someone to work for you in your absence?


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