Big Brother Winner Dan Gheesling on Leading Your Audience
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2: Big Brother Winner Dan Gheesling on Leading Your Audience


Dan Gheesling is known all across the reality TV scene for his insane “performances” on Big Brother US, but I wanted to talk to him about what he’s done with his brand since the show. He’s a speaker, author, coach, YouTube gamer, vloggers. So many passions. So many accomplishments. I knew he would have great advice for living a successful marketing lifestyle. And I was right.

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Tweetable Moment:

Don’t think about yourself, think about the people you’re lucky enough to have as your audience.

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The Chat:

Gary Vee Music Video

Big Brother friends James Rhine (coming to the show soon!)

Learn about Gary Vaynerchuk

How To Get On Reality TV website

Dan’s Blockbuster Card

Trust falling with strangers: Brittany Furlan on Vine

Is the internet a fad?

Don’t be this guy


A First Thing:

Being a good listener. As early as middle school and high school, confidence came more naturally and and Dan surrounded himself with more people who genuinely enjoy helping people.


A Big Thing:

Reality television gave Dan the platform he is able to use today to share his message. Although most people won’t let the image of him go of a reality TV star, he’s able to build a brand that helps people more in the arena of his passions such as coaching and leadership so that he can live the marketing lifestyle for a brand that he actually loves.


Read Dan’s Book:

Clean Your Own Mirror: 6 Necessary Duties to Lead and Influence People (affiliate link)

Find Dan:






Voicemail Callers

Anthony Ryan

Chuck Baker


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Lol, it is funny, I first discovered your youtube channel when you posted the GaryV book review. That was a great one

schmittastic moderator

@Laz  Full circle episode for you then, huh! Thanks for listening!

Mike Dierbeck
Mike Dierbeck

Sweet I was a fan of his (as you know we're fellow Big Brother fans haha).


Those who watch Big Brother together, market together? 

Thanks for having me Amy!


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