1: YouTube Star Swoozie on Having an Impactful Creator/Audience Relationship


It’s launch day! Yay! So exciting! If you didn’t see my Social Thursday video today, you can pop over there and get the low down. But the long and short of it is that THIS is my new podcast: The Marketing Lifestyle Show. Welcome to episode 1!

LISTEN: Adande “Swoozie” Thorne, The Marketing Lifestyle Show ep.1

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CONSNOP = Concentrate on solutions not on problems.

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The Chat:

Playlist Live video creator conference

Swoozie’s video featuring me

 “My First Hickey” video


A First Thing:

“My First Kiss” video response to Lonely Girl


A Big Thing:

“Confessions of a Disney Employee”


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Your audience is your boss. You are nothing online without your viewers.

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Time is your most valuable asset.

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Visit MarketingLifestyleShow.com for all the episodes of the show. (Psst! They’re in the future! This is only the first episode!)

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  1. Jorge

    Amy, You are a ‘FYI’ blessing to those that need to know – I know it and hope everyone else does, too. What an informative interview from the questions to Swoozie being such a great sport/interviewee by being as open to the questions as can be expected. Thank Amy and Swoozie….. Jorge

  2. Mizzpenguin

    Hi Amy. I loved your interview with Swoozie!!! Glad you chose him as your first interviewee he is so freaking awesome. He mentioned this interview on his fb page and now you have a new subie – me 🙂 wishing you all the best!

  3. Jets

    Big fan of Swoozie and now I am a big fan of yours Amy. Very informative and great overall podcast. Will be sure to catch more of what you do and I am following you on twitter now.

  4. tomreilly80

    Heh, you know I usually work out “total gym” listening to music.  Instead today I put on your podcast.  Wow, I was very pleasantly surprised!  You nailed it.  I will now listen to your next one, I am not usually a big fan of podcasts.  Keep up the good work.

  5. KevinLe7

    I discovered ya on Chris Cerrone’s podcast then we hung out when I visited him Vegas. I love what you do and how you’re doing social media Amy. Your audio is a bit low just fyi but damn, really enjoyed this episode. The hour simply flew by. -KL

  6. Great show, thanks for introducing us to “Swoozie” Thorne!  Love that you both are ‘thinking out loud’ about YouTube issues of today, as everything is changing so quickly.  I have a video series for my documentary, and have been trying to figure out what do do about negative comments.  At first I kept them up, not wanting to seem like I’m censoring for only good comments.  But then I looked at comments in one of your videos, Amy, and saw a few ‘hate bombs’ (which were hopefully removed) and realized that allowing those comments to stay up actually make the comments section feel unsafe for others to comment.  So now I’m removing most negative comments.  It was interesting to hear the analogy to bullying.  Also, check out this month’s issue of Wired Magazine for a great article, ‘Beat the Devils Curbing Online Abuse is Not Impossible’ for some strategies in curbing bad online behavior.

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