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Awesome Alarm Clock App for Better Sleep [VIDEO]

I’ve literally been sleeping with this app for weeks now and I’m obsessed with the information it shares. Getting good sleep is freakin’ important for the marketing lifestyle!

Awesome Alarm Clock App for Better Sleep

If you need an app that will wake you up when it makes sense for YOU and before your deadline, then you need this app. You seriously will feel so much better in the morning. Also, less like to wake up your partner with all those snoozes. You feel me?

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Jan Schutte
Jan Schutte

I am using this app for 3 years now. It gave me the idea that I sleep very well. Recently I am diagnosed with extreme apnoe (AHI 54, that is an average of 54 breath stops lasting for more than 10 seconds each per hour).

Michael Anthony Murphy
Michael Anthony Murphy

a box fan (very loud) and the sleep machine are my medicines but will definitely give this a look. the fan stays though, always. oh, Always Sunny gets to play too. yep, i'm a bit OCD with my sleep remedies.


Does it still work the same if you have a partner sleeping in the same bed? Will her movements mess with the data?

Thanks Amy

schmittastic moderator

@ChrisLeeVella  I know my dog moves around a lot and I'm always wondering what happens there. But what's really crazy is how scientific it seems to be of certain movement still being sleep movements vs. awake movement. So I think it takes that movement into consideration, but it's not close enough to the device to significantly affect the results. Honestly, I don't know for sure but that's a really good question. So far, I feel ilke the results are pretty accurate with how I feel.