The Accounting Tool EVERY Small Business Needs to Stay Organized and Make More Money [VIDEO]

The Accounting Tool EVERY Small Business Needs to Stay Organized and Make More Money [VIDEO]

This was the runner up from our Facebook poll last week, but a very close second. So thanks to those of you who voted for it and patiently waited! Let’s talk about how to make money more simply, shall we?

The Accounting Tool EVERY Small Business Needs to Stay Organized and Make More Money

Last year, I took my tax info to my accountant and he looked at me like I was from Mars. I’m not. Although I can understand the mixup. I hate literally dumped pages and folders full of papers and crap and called it organized. Yikes.

He told me to go home and try Freshbooks (affiliate) so next year we wouldn’t have such a hard time getting all this info together. I was hestitant because I had tried it before and I really didn’t like it, but a few years had passed.

And oh yes, you could absolutely see the growth after some time in operation. Freshbooks was now functional, beautiful and ready to make me more money more simply.

Here’s a few reasons why you really need to integrate it into your small business accounting.

1. Time tracking is SO simple

If you’re selling your time, like me, and you need to be able to report hours to your client’s bill, Freshbooks has it all built in. Whether you’re using it on your computer or on your smartphone app, you can turn their time tracking timer on, assign to a client and it will go straight to their next invoice. Boom.

2. Invoices are personalized and beautiful

You know how you’re always Googling for invoice templates to find the right one you can just add your logo to? Look no further. Freshbooks has just that. It’s perfect. It’s personalized. And no need to edit all those silly fields in Excel. It’s totally simple to change your invoice to the type you need to make sense to your paying client.

3.  Auto and Recurring invoices give you more time for your business

You may also charge a monthly retainer for your clients that is agreed for a set period of time. Set up your client information and the amount they owe every month and the date and it will automatically be sent to them. Even better, if it’s the same rate every single month, you can set up recurring invoices and you literally never have to think about invoicing them every month ever again. Freshbooks will keep the accounting department running and invoicing your clients on time every time.

4. GET PAID without thinking

I hate being told to go to my mailbox and watch for a check. So I just let my clients know they can easily pay online through the Freshbooks invoice and my Paypal integration. Amy, don’t you have to pay a fee to use that? Yes. But that little fee that Paypal takes from my client payments is worth its weight in gold for me to not have to worry about a paper check, going to the bank (Hello! I live car-free!) or even entertaining a conversation with my client about how they’d like to handle. Do you want the work? Click the Paypal link and we’re done. No more discussion.

5. Client stalking is seriously awesome

If you noticed you’re missing money in your account, maybe your client didn’t pay their bill. Freshbooks will tell you in a list of all your invoices who has paid, who has looked at your invoice, and how hasn’t even clicked to look at it. That’s always good to know for a couple reasons: A) You can anticipate if someone’s going to be late this month B) Maybe your invoice accidentally went to spam and you can graciously resend the invoice with a gentle reminder to get it paid. Oh yes. I love client stalking when it comes to my business revenue.

6. Expense tracking is Freshbooks’ gift to the world

I don’t know if I would like Freshbooks as much as I do if it weren’t for the amazing way of tracking expenses. I just link my account with my bank accounts and all the transactions get reported to my expenses. They start to get auto categorized based on how you like everything (I only sit down once per month to make sure all expenses went to the right category) and then I don’t have to give additional explanations to my accountant when it’s time to do taxes. It’s all there in black and white! No “what was that for?” talk at all. You can even use the app to take pictures of receipts and upload them directly to the item in your expense list to keep everything together. Perfect for larger tranactions.

7. Financial reports for DAYSSSSS

Anything you ever wanted to know about your money and more in the financial reports and on your dashboard. You seriously have no choice but to see how well or not well you’re doing. So while Freshbooks is handling all the accounting and billing, you can look at the numbers and be like “I gotta go out and make more money.” THANK YOU FRESHBOOKS FOR GIVING ME THE TIME TO MAKE MORE MONEY!



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Amy doing taxes are not that complicated lol

Ian Hoyt
Ian Hoyt

Thanks :) Found it just recently. I'm really digging this!

Savvy Sexy Social
Savvy Sexy Social

Yes. You just have to set up your Paypal account with your Freshbooks account so that FB will reflect anything that happens after your client gets the invoice.

Ian Hoyt
Ian Hoyt

So I am setting this up... my client already gets invoices via Paypal from me but if I send him via Freshbooks, will he still have an option to pay via paypal via the invoice?


Bonkers awesome!  You're little one liners crack me up, you had like 9 of them in this episode!  Keep up the great work Amy:) 

Nathaniel Peterson
Nathaniel Peterson

Ahhh love it! You keep getting better and better...your editing in this one was fantastic too!