How Do You Use the Twitter Favorite Button? [VIDEO]
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How Do You Use the Twitter Favorite Button? [VIDEO]

This little button has always been a great resource for me, but probably not for the original reason it was created. And now with new profiles and the Discover tab algorithm, I’m starting to give it a second thought. Discussion based video today, friends.

How Do You Use the Twitter Favorite Button

So we spoke last week on Social Thursday about these new Twitter profiles and how amazeballs they are. Have you seen mine?! I finally got the layout and I’m pumped. Schmittastic vs. Savvy Sexy Social vs. Vlog Boss Studios.

If you notice, there’s a new menu of options for profiles and one very prominent item is your “favorites”. A button that you can click on any tweet that just goes into a list of tweets that, well ideally, you enjoy.

I, however, have been using this button as sort of the replacement for a Facebook “like”. I don’t have anything else to say to you but I want you to know I read and acknowledge your tweet. So. I favorite it.

But then people started asking me why I favorite anything that is about me. And that’s an interesting way of putting it. I didn’t really realize that that’s what I was doing that. But that’s how it’s perceived I suppose. I really just wanted people talking to me to know that I’m paying attention.

But with the Favorites affecting results of what I, as someone you follow, enjoy so that Twitter can refer good content to you, I’m skewing the results with this tactic. That, and I could have a list of great value in that prominently placed Favorites list on my new profile, but instead it’s just a stream of probably what my Mentions tab looks like. Oops.

How do you use the Favorite button? Are you changing your ways with the new layout and options for Twitter? How you enjoy checking out people’s favorites? What are they doing right that makes it social for you?

Would love your thoughts for this discussion in the comments.

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You got me socially peevin’

Good call on the video, a friend and I once discussed the use of the term favourite, each time you click favourite, is that your new favourite?  Does that cancel out the last favourite?  Obvs being stupid about it but I think Twitter could have picked a different word. 

I use IFTTT with a recipe to add favs to Pocket - so when I'm flipping through my feed I can quickly save articles I like the look of to read later.  I try not to use it as a response mechanism where possible.