How to Approach in Business When Someone NEEDS Your Help [VIDEO]
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How to Approach in Business When Someone NEEDS Your Help [VIDEO]

It’s not the best idea to let someone know their stuff stinks, if that’s your way of letting them know you can help. It’s just not going to create that open dialogue you might hope for with a new client. So today, we’re talking about a way to go about it that will make people think about hiring you, rather than trying to ignore you forever.

How to Approach in Business When Someone NEEDS Your Help

Making them think it’s their idea. Sounds amazing right? But how do you prompt a conversation that would have that become the end result?

I love the email I got recently from Seth Godin about the difference between “finding” something and “discovering” something. He says when you find something you were already looking for it. When you discover something, however, it’s something you’ve stumbled upon and realized there is value in it that intrigues you enough to entertain the possibilities.

What you can do as you search for people who could really use your help is incorporate this aspect of discovery to your strategy. Why not approach someone and ask them if they’ve tried certain things before you jump to the chase? Especially designers. Ask if your potential client has tried a specific platform or an email collection tool and see what they say. Stay silent and see how far the conversation goes about their needs. Let it grow organically in conversation.

It may take awhile or it may not. But you can usually get to a point where you can say “Yeah I do work with people on that sort of thing. I’d love to talk you through it and see if I’m a good fit to help.” All the while you knew you wanted that to happen, but you let it become their idea instead of a pushy sales technique.

Much less one that offends. Ugh. (I’m lookin’ at your designers who don’t like my logo. I’m not writing you back for a reason.)

Love this question from Jesse this week. If you’re on Amy’s Elite email list you can ask me questions for future videos too you know!

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