My Goal for the Next Year

I’ve been giving a lot of thoughts around my goals and how I feel about where I am in my career. And I think it’s time to make a bold statement. Learn what it is in this Savvy Tuesday episode.

In 2012, I started counting down to my 30th birthday by making a list of things I want to accomplish before then. One of those things was to publish my first book.

I’ve been getting closer to wanting to make this happen, but I feel like I need to be in a certain place with my community before I feel like there is a platform in place to sell a book. I’m not writing it for me, I’m writing it for you. So I want to make sure it’s beneficial on all sides so that the time is worth the reward.

Do I think I’ll be a NY Times best seller. No. That’s not the point. It’s really about not jumping the gun on something until I feel really ready. And I’ve decided to put a number on it so I can have something to measure and know that it’s time to make it happen when I’ve reached it.

That’s why I’m hoping to reach a total community size of 100,000 people. This is all things from my email list to my Twitter, YouTube to Instagram, Google Plus and whatever else. Because all of these groups work together so their number together can help me make the most of getting my message out, especially when it’s in the form of a book.

So that’s my goal. 100K for my first book.

How am I going to make it happen? Don’t worry. I’m not following the Secret model and just putting it out there for the universe can send it my way. I’m making plans.

Plans I can’t announce quite yet but I promise will only make the experience more rewarding for you as a Savvy Sexy Social “Social”. After all, you are the most important part of this whole journey. I appreciate all the support you’ve given me thus far and I can’t wait to continue to grow with you by my side.

How are you setting goals in plain sight so you’ll work harder to make them happen? Leave a comment below so we can encourage each other together!


  1. BrantBell

    Best of luck, I believe you can do it. It’s not a matter of if, but when!

    I’m dipping my toe in the social media strategy/consulting freelance market and have one customer up and going (not including myself) and another potential client that’s interested. My current goal is 3-4 clients by the end of the year before I make any additional goals to see how I might need to adapt/adjust.

  2. Nikol Murphy

    Excellent and concise way to attack your goal. This trait is one of the very many reasons that I love your content and style. I just recommended your channel to someone and it was nice to feel so confident that I know you really deliver quality content, on a schedule and keep to your topics. Looking forward to the whole campaign!

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