How a Hollywood Actor Stays Motivated to Succeed

If you watched my personal Twitter on Sunday night, you know that I’m all about the Oscars, movies, fashion and good ol’ celebrity people watching. It’s a weakness. What can I say?

So I thought I would turn this obsession in to a lesson for Savvy Tuesday to justify the MANY hours of coverage I watched for the event. Now we can call it research, right?

One of the big winners at the 2014 Academy Awards was Dallas Buyers Club, a fantastic film starring Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto about their characters’ stories struggling with the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Both actors took how their individual oscar awards and gave impecble speeches, but the one we’re focusing on today was from Matthew.

He stated that he needs three things to keep him going every day:

  1. Something to look up to
  2. Something to look forward to
  3. Someone to chase

That last one was a really great message about how you should keep going after another, grown and wiser version of yourself. It almost sounded self-absorbed the way he said he was his own hero… just 10 years from now.

But everytime you check in with yourself 10 years later are you really thinking “I’m good. This is what I always wanted to be”? No. But that’s a good thing. The less that you are in that state and your grow, the more you are continuing to be motivated to be better.

A better you. A better entrepreneur. A better family member. Anything that keeps you motivated.

We all get into a rut. Sometimes that’s from thinking too hard about not being what you wish you were. But when you visualize what your future could look like, you’re more likely to see a route. And when you see that route, you’re more likely to act. Your route may and will change, but it’s still keeping you moving and that will keep you chasing a better version of yourself.

I don’t know about you, but this speech really hit home for me. Let’s keep visualizing for the future so we can stay out of the ruts and stay on track, shall we?


  1. Haha. Thanks for this. I liked his speech, but since he gave it, I’ve only heard it ridiculed until now. One radio DO just asked today how many more days his speech will remain funny. Nice to know someone else got what he was saying too. Anyhow, enjoyed your vid and highly recommend True Detective.

  2. Chris Wesley  I’ve heard it’s good! I have to check that out. I totally understand why people mock it, but they’re usually the Hollywood haters too. As if they’re not trying as hard as we are to be good at something.

  3. maryefield23

    I think most actors really need to have motivation to keep going and to keep chasing their dreams. They should have know <a href=””How to Keep Motivated While Breaking Into Acting”>How to Keep Motivated While Breaking Into Acting</a>. And I agree with what Matthew say, and’s important that you are happy in whatever you do because that’s where you can feel fulfillment and contentment when you are happy. Good luck to all aspiring actors!

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