How to Make Call-To-Action Buttons on Facebook [VIDEO]
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How to Make Call-To-Action Buttons on Facebook [VIDEO]

Facebook is becoming just a little more friendly to the brands and marketers on the platform. It’s great to see this new option to add calls to action to your links so your audience actually understands the move you want them to make: leaving the social networks and checking you out on your own turf!

How to Make Call-To-Action Buttons on Facebook

The Power Editor is a tool that you can use on the Google Chrome browser that gives you more options when you’re adding content to your Facebook brand page. Duct Tape Marketing gives a great tutorial of how you use this for call-to-action buttons that I highly suggest you check out.

This is a great option when it comes to optimizing your posts because if you actually get the opportunity to have your content in front of your audience, you might as well make the absolute most of it when you get their attention. Don’t let there be any question of what they should be doing next.

Have you tried this feature on Facebook yet? Share you experience in the comments!

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Leslie Lancaster
Leslie Lancaster

I just ran an ad yesterday through Power Editor and it's a little confusing.  I went to the link you shared above in this post and saw Duct Tape Marketing chose to run it as a post and not an ad.  I chose ad just bc there's no description there and it didn't make sense.  I guess I'll have to do another test to see what the results would be if I ran it as a post.....does this make sense?  haha.  Bottom line, it Power Editor confuses the heck out of me

Rob Alviso
Rob Alviso

That is great news and overall its always going to be about "reach" can bet this is one of many new fb strategies to promote Boosting your post. Very nice to see content creators on YouTube taking notice of what is happening on both good and controversial news. #kudos