Buying Products with a Tweet? Marc Jacobs is Socially Forward [VIDEO]
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Buying Products with a Tweet? Marc Jacobs is Socially Forward [VIDEO]

My friend Dawn Del Russo shared a link to an article this week that talked about the coolest fashiona nd social media news for the upcoming Fashion Week festivities.

I thought it would be a great thing to share with all of you so you can start thinking outside of the box of how to get some social attention.

Buying Products with a Tweet? Marc Jacobs is Socially Forward

This article talks about the Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop. What otherwise would seem like a normal pop-shop is a place where this fashion design icon will be selling product in return for social media activity. By posting a tweet, Instagram photo or Facebook update with the hashtag #MJDaisyChain, visitors can exchange online chatter for goods.

This is really cool because it’s not really been defined that the size of your audience matters. MJ is simply seeing the power of social media and attracting eyes on their product in return for more conversation about their brand. It may seem like you can get something for “free” but you’ve built a network of people who trust you in some respect and they are able to tap into that with your desire to talk about them in return for product. Think Klout, but without the middle man.

Now, can you business plan stand for you constantly getting paid in promotion. Uh no. But seeing the power of word of mouth and using this opportunity to allocate a budget for promotion even though it’s in the form of product is a really unique and still not often seen strategy. Props to Marc Jacobs! I loved you already but this is really cool.

Have you seen a brand do something cool like this? Or have you? Share in the comments!

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Jai Myers
Jai Myers

Correction ... Social Capital, not human capital (that would be wrong).


This is really smart of them. I bet they end up spending a lot less on this campaign than they would on a typical one. If their goal is to create brand awareness - it should function well, but I do not know how well a campaign like this would translate into real sales. Very interesting and thought provoking...

schmittastic moderator

@Wilde_Hunt  Definitely! I'm obviously contributing to the brand awareness thing by talking about it now, right? Love this idea.

Jai Myers
Jai Myers

Human Capital !! ACME Hotel Company & dana hotel and spa use enables guests to become advocates and in return discounts, doughnuts and drinks (oh my). It started showing results within 6 hours.

Eliska Ringler
Eliska Ringler

Uhm, no thank you. I get into enough trouble with drunken Amazon purchases.