Why You Need Content Structure

It’s been a year since we changed our video editorial calendar here at Savvy Sexy Social to three themed videos per week, a huge contributing factor to the tremendous growth we’ve seen in that time. I thought it would be a great time to reflect on that decision and talk about why it would be an important model for you to implement in your content marketing strategy.

After I got back from my annual Vegas trip in January 2013, I was really motivated to step up my video “game” for Savvy Sexy Social. There’s so much potential with this industry and introducing the content through YouTube, that I had to make this opportunity for myself.

Coming up with ideas for videos, or any blog posts really, can be a daunting task. You can talk about anything you want, so that becomes overwhelming and keeps great niche topics from popping out. So when I thought I would make a video for every part in my name (Savvy, Sexy and Social), I new they would have to be some sort of theme for each as well so I would be able to limit my thinking enough to come up with 3 videos per week, or 12 per month.

Savvy Tuesday surrounds the idea of big thinking and strategy. Maybe I’m talking about content structure (like in this video) or best business practices. Sexy Wednesday is all about making your industry more fun, factoring in everything from design ideas to good lifestyle choices. Social Thursday brings it all home with a focus in social media marketing because that’s always been the biggest driver for this site as businesses really want to know how to do it properly.

So now that I set those parameters, it’s easier for me to approach my editorial calendar every week. If there’s something in the news about a new social network, I’ll pop that into the Social Thursday spot. If I thought of a great networking tip, I’d use that for Savvy Tuesday. When I’m thinking of a Sexy Wednesday episode, I try to think about what is making the world of being an entrepreneur more pretty, whether visually or internally.

I also have standing appointments every month. The first Social Thursday of the month is used for Social Shout Outs, a video where I suggest people or blogs that I’m loving that you should follow along with as well. The second week of the month, I review an app for Sexy Wednesday. And the last Social Thursday of the month is review my favorite comments and questions. That’s 3 videos I already know exactly what I’m doing every month, making it even easier to plan my editorial calendar.

Want to know the difference this structure made on my content from my 100th video to my 200th? Check out this episode to see the amazing results.

Having this structure in place is a great way to move fast on your topic choices. How are you making it easier to come up with blog content? Share in the comments!


  1. Coyote Peterson

    Great video!  Totally agree with the notion of structure for your brand is EVERYTHING!

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