What is Jelly?
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What is Jelly? [VIDEO]

Well there’s a new social network in town and you know what that means. I have an opinion. Tune in to this Social Thursday episode to see what Biz Stone has been up to. (Besides being the co-founder of Twitter… cause you know… that’s not crazy enough.)

What is Jelly?

Jelly is a new social network relased by Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter. The word “jelly” comes from the word “jellyfish” and from there I don’t know what that really has to do with anything.

The idea is much like Quora and Yahoo Answers in regards to being resources for seeking help through publishing questions online. Upon joining you’re asked to be helpful for the network and when you’re alerted of new friends who are on the network. the app tells you that they’re waiting to help. So it’s clear what the call to action is for the network.

That being important because it’s actually a picture-sharing network, upgrading your opportunity to ask a question by supplementing with a photo to help get your answer more quickly. Nice for when you can’t quite phrase our question in a way that would get you the answer you’re looking for when a visual might do the job.

The photo feature is definitely an intriguing idea that helps this network stand apart. But at the same time, you can post a photo to basically every social network there currently is out there. So if you have a following on those networks, you have a question and then post a picture with it, you could essentially get even more help than you would on Jelly. But that’s just my initial opinion.

I think only time will tell, as always, of whether this social app will come into play in a big way for social media. Certainly not worth worry about as a brand until we know more because there just aren’t going to be enough users to move the needle. It’s almost disappointing when I looked up what other sites said that brands can do with this network and it’s the same song and dance everytime a new platform releases. And I just can’t advocate until I see a very unique reason to allocate time for something new.

What do you think of Jelly? Have you actually gotten help or provided any?

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I figure, if you have enough time to ask Jelly a question then you have enough time to Google it. Plus my friends are the last people to ask cause they are a bunch of idiots. Yahoo Answers is awesome because of questions like this, 

Q:"Can I get pregnant from watch a health video?"

A:"Not if you put condoms on your eyes"

...and answers like that.


I too, don't jump on social networks as soon as they appear - but this Jelly thing was different. I asked a question and within 1 hour I got 8 answers. I never get that much engagement on ANY of my social networks (except IG) so that was a super nice treat ;) I'll also be watching to see if it will be worth my time - it's overwhelming how much Social Networks there are. Thanks for your awesome videos, Amy! xoxo

Phillip Lee
Phillip Lee

I don't think i would use Jelly but good info.