OhLife for Seamless Journaling [VIDEO]
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OhLife for Seamless Journaling [VIDEO]

UPDATE: Ohlife has shut down. I’m so bummed because it was a GREAT journaling service! If you find something you like that you want to share for digital diary writing, please leave in the comments!

I’m a firm believer that we all need to keep track of our crazy entrepreneurial path, even if you can’t really blog about it. Sometimes you just gotta keep a few good stories under wraps so you can put them in your book someday. That’s why journaling can be a great option. Today’s video is about a great online option that will make it a very easy practive to add to your busy marketing lifestyle.

OhLife for Seamless Journaling

Trust me. And my bookshelf. I’m a notebook girl. And the idea of opening up a beautiful moleskine to tell my story for future reference is the most sexy idea ever. Except that these days, my typing is way faster than my writing. And my writing hurts like hell. So taking the time to physically write is a little more daunting because of that and I don’t make time for it when I really need to.

But the idea of just going to the computer wasn’t offering that much to be desired either. A Word doc? An Evernote note? Not that sexy.

But when I recently heard about OhLife.com on a podcast I was intrigued and checked it out and I’m very glad that I did.

OhLife is a website that helps you create journal entries completely free. It works with your email, so you don’t just set up an account and then forget about it the next day. By sending you a daily email (or however frequently you’d like), OhLife prompts you to spill some beans on a regular basis making it much easier for you to fit it into your day. It’s just another quick email you need to get done.

You can even set up your prompt emails to show you previous entries that you’ve written so you’re always reflecting as you go. And on OhLife.com you can look at previous entries in any order. Even random, to be fun.

This has certainly been an awesome tool for me to integrate journaling back into my life. I hope you try it and let me know how it works for you. I want you to keep track of what’s happening now, so you don’t forget for your even brighter future. Get that book written now!

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