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iJustine on CES2014 Vlogging and Social Media [VIDEO]

I’ve finally reunited with iJustine! It’s been a few years since I made a video with her, in fact, at my first ever CES. We’ve come together for this Social Thursday episode to talk about the cool things in vlogging and social that made the cut at the tech conference this year.

iJustine on CES2014 Vlogging and Social Media

One really cool tool that Justine pointed out was the Steadicam from GoPro. It’s already the most amazing camera to take on the go for some epic footage, but now this addition will help you steady your shot and get even better views of the high-action shots you’re taking. I love this product and it makes me want the GoPro, even though I don’t have one yet.

Also worth mentioning is the social media hub that Intel had on site for CES, helping attendees track the trending topics and hot items at the conference this year. Always love to see this at events where brands are helping attendees stay up to date on what’s happening, even with all the madness.

Finally, Justine was a featured speaker at the Intel keynote where she shared a demo of the great 3-D camera that Intel is installing in many products to enhance the webcam experience. You can change your background and even add items in real time to your frame, making it super easy to enhance your video blogs!

Check out Justine Ezarik on YouTube and on Twitter.

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Very cool!  I especially like the info about the Steadicam from GoPro and 3d camera for webcam experience.  Great updates, thanks for sharing Amy  :)