How to Talk About Yourself

Since I’m at a conference right now, I thought it would be sexy to discuss what it’s like to be approached by someone while networking who really knows how to talk about themselves. Seriously. No sarcasm.

When you’re getting your name out there and letting people know about you, there’s a fine art about knowing how to talk about yourself. You may think people know how to do that just fine, but I’m talking about a specific way of speaking.

You really need to understand how to phrase what you do into how it helps people. That’s what they’re looking to know anyway, especially if they’re networking as well. The better you can explain that rather than just what your title is, the more likely you’ll actually convert someone into a customer, client or audience member.

If it’s hard to find the words the write it down and the practice. I love hearing someone when I know they’re saying something they’ve said so many times, it just comes natural to them. They’ve reach the point of knowing how to talk about themselves and they’ve got it locked down so it doesn’t feel like such a chore anymore. Don’t be afraid to talk to your mirror or your dog as practice subjects so you can get used to what you’re saying to introduce yourself.

Do you know how to talk about yourself?


  1. vonHottie

    I was hoping you would give a few examples, like scripts, even if they were fake people or situations, or examples of what NOT to do.

  2. Thanks for the great tips Amy. As an introvert myself I really just don’t like talking about myself so it’s hard for me to do so. I’ll take the advice and practice until I internalize my story of how I can help people.

  3. Great tips Amy – thank you. I’m going to put your tips to use. The tips that stands out for me are talk about what you do for others, how it helps them, what you learn and why you love doing it! Sounds simple enough. 😉

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