Top 10 Most Popular Videos of 2013 [VIDEO]
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Top 10 Most Popular Videos of 2013 [VIDEO]

It’s that time of year again where we look back at all the awesomeness and smile. These are the top videos of 2013 according to YouTube view count.

Top 10 Most Popular Videos of 2013

10) Duolingo App Review

Esta aplicación es muy bueno! If you want to brush up on a foreign language, this free option is fantastic!

9) A Beginner’s Guide to Vlogging

Someone asked me to make a video about this so I used it as a way of creating an introduction to many videos I’ve made that will help you get started vlogging. Yay YouTube Playlists!

8) Instagram Video Tips for your Brand

If you want to start using video, maybe check out Instagram’s feature. Here are a few tips to get started.

7) IFTTT: The Personal Assistant You’re Looking For

This is one of my favorite tools because it’s doing so much for me on a daily basis that saves me time and energy… or sometimes even having to think!

6) How to Make Cheap Awesome Videos

You don’t need super expensive equipment to make a quality video product. I should know! I put off upgrades for a very long time and still attracted a great audience with my video content.

5) Google Plus Tips from Guy Kawasaki

I tuned in for a great Google Plus Hangout with Guy Kawasaki where he gave some tips on using Google Plus to grow awareness of your brands and these were the best notes I took.

4) Schmittastic’s Vlogging Camera

Just a little insight on my go-to travel camera.

3) Jab Jab Jab Right Hook: A Musical Review

My review of Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book… in musical holiday form.

2) Fitbit One Review for a Healthier Entrepreneur

The only other piece of tech besides my phone that never leaves my side… lliterally. This is my review of the Fitbit One and 9 months later I’m still wearing it every day and getting healthier because of it.

1) Top 5 Beginner Tips for Vlogging with a DSLR Camera (featuring Austin Evans)

Also one of my favorite videos that I’ve made because I enjoy Austin’s insight so much and use the information in this video all the time so I can get used to my DSLR camera. A must-watch for sure.


Thank you for the most epic of year’s so far for Savvy Sexy Social. It means the world that we can go on this journey together. See you tomorrow!

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