Why SnapChat is NOT a Fad [VIDEO]
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Why SnapChat is NOT a Fad [VIDEO]

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em right? That’s how I feel about SnapChat. I really didn’t think it was a valid social media tool and avoided it completely. Bur the reality is, SnapChat is the real deal in the digital media world for some compelling reasons.

Why SnapChat is NOT a Fad

I really thought this was tech’s gift to troubled high school kids. And although I still believe that is a demographic that’s on the network, there are definitely reasons that that may not be terrible and can actually be useful for brands who use SnapChat to connect with their fans.

Think about how SnapChat works.

  1. You send a private message, either photo or video, for a set amount of time that you choose to a specific person who you’ve approved as your friend.
  2. In order to view what you’ve received, you have to hold your finger down on the screen the entire time.
  3. But even when you put your finger down the first time, if you let go the clock is still ticking based on how long you were allowed to view it.
  4. Once the clock runs out, the media is gone. Forever. (Or saved in the SnapChat archives… but regardless you won’t be able to access it.)

If you’re not paying attention, you won’t ever see it. So you’re forced to be in the frame of mind that you better focus on it if you want to know what was sent to you.

That’s an incredible concept in social media. We’re used to lots of distractions and the ability to find anything again if we wanted to see it. With SnapChat, you’re forced to increase your retention level, giving the sender a good chance at your undivided attention.

How could you do with that as a brand? Quite a lot.

What if you used this medium to share discounts and special access to your biggest advocates? Or if you sent a video asking for feedback from those people about a new product or idea?

The ways you can take advantage of the higher open rates and great audience retention to get brands advocates in an activated state of mind make SnapChat a very possible tool of value for your digital presence.

Just like with any network, you don’t want to jump in head first without a plan. But definitely think again about shrugging SnapChat off as a silly kid’s game. Didn’t we used to think about Facebook like that?

How are you using SnapChat? If at all?

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Amy Schmittauer
Amy Schmittauer

I don't deal well with the word "guru". It sounds like a type of playdoh.

Steve Beedie
Steve Beedie

So much respect for modern marketers who say they are wrong about things! Breath of fresh air from all the "Guru" crap out there!

Amy Schmittauer
Amy Schmittauer

Well they don't call him an influencer for nothin! No matter what. I can't change my mind without seeing it for myself and I've seen the light.

Jay Rowsey
Jay Rowsey

I thought it was too. The perfect app for young people to send their disgusting pictures.