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December Social Shout Outs [VIDEO]

It’s that time again where I give credit where it’s due. Giving back to awesome projects that make me better every day so you can learn about them and do so as well.

December Social Shout Outs

1) Steve Kloyda

I got to “meet” Steve Kloyda on an episode of Reach The Summit which I’m a host (client). I was so blown away by his information for better prospecting skills and sales so you don’t set yourself up for an unprepared disaster when it’s time to make the close. He had so much amazing information in just that 30 minutes that I’ve been following along intently ever since.

You have to check him out. Even if you don’t think you need prospecting help, his advice even makes you better at talking on the phone in general. I love it.

Follow Steve on his website and on Twitter @Steve Kloyda.

Also, if you want to hear my interview with him you can find that here (client).


2) Nick Westergaard and DJ Waldow of The Work Talk Show

I love these guys. They came up with a great idea for a podcast and they are so much fun to listen to. Nick Westergaard and DJ Waldow created The Work Talk Show to interview people all over the world in different industries and niches to find out how they get work done. And isn’t that what we all really want to know.

They even interviewed me, so if you’re wondering what my work life is like you should take a listen.

Check out the podcast and subscribe.

Follow Nick on Twitter @NickWestergaard and DJ @DJWaldow.


3) Marlee Ward

Marlee is a great friend of mine for some time now, thanks to the interwebs. She is a fantastic business coach on her website and we’ve gotten to talking a lot lately about upping her video game.

Since she was a guest vlogger here on the Triple S she has been making really helpful content reguarly on Mondays and I definitely think you should check her out and see if she has some good advice for your business. She’s come a long way and her consistency is so inspiring. I can’t wait to continue to watch her grow.

Check out Marlee’s website and follow her on Twitter @MarleeWard.

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Amy Schmittauer is producer of Savvy Sexy Social, a YouTube series dedicated to helping you lift your day so you can love your life. This proactive lifestyle channel has amassed a community from over 179 countries whose members have contributed more than 3 million views. Follow her on Twitter.
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You are too FREAKING kind, Amy S. Love you.

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