Favorite Comments and Questions from November [VIDEO]

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we usually do this the last Thursday of the month, this week’s Sexy Wednesday episode is all about my favorite comments and questions from November!

Favorite Comments and Questions from November

1) From Dylan about getting YouTube and Twitter to cross-promote


Re- What are you struggling with- - amyschmittauer@gmail.com - Gmail


“I have a tech channel on YouTube and I have a Twitter account for it. I have followers on Twitter and subscribers on youTube and I want to get my followers on Twitter to go subscribe to me on YouTube. And I want my subscribers on YouTube to go follow me on Twitter. If you give me some tips on how to go about doing this that would be helpful. Thanks Dylan.”

Oh honey. Welcome to my world.

You give away a ton of content right? You’re constantly providing value? Well if that’s the case then every once in awhile, you get to ask for something from your audience. But only if you’ve truly been giving to them. Just let the know “Hey I appreciate that you appreciate my info here on YouTube/Twitter. It would be amazingly helpful for me if you did the small task  of following me on Twitter/YouTube.”

Let people know if helps you. Let people know you’re a reliable source of information that will be consistent with you content. Let people know it’s worth their while. But you just gotta ask.

2) From Jessica about find the best resources to trust when there is so much in on the internet



“I was wondering where you like to go for your marketing knowledge? The internet is crazy full of information (some good, some not so good, and some down right amazing – like Savvy Sexy Social) but how do you do it? How do you week the good from the bad and most importantly stay current? -Jes”

Girl, I hear you. If you knew how many blogs I subscribe to on Feedly… holy man.

I think you have to know from experience that the stuff you’re reading isn’t bull. But if you don’t know then just implement the advice you get from sources you think you can trust and then look to see how your results turn out. If something is working, there’s a good chance you should stay close to that resource and keep growing from their content. You can also look to those people and other thought leaders that you know have what it takes and find out where they are pointing people. If they link to an article, it’s probably a very good idea for you to read it.

3) KoShin wants to know what I do with all my files



“Maybe you can do an episode on how you organize all your digital files and if/when you throw anything away. And how you deal with this on your camera – do you have a ton of SD cards? -KoShin”

Great question. Let me tell you how important external hard drives are in my life. RIDIC IMPORTANT.

Raw video files take a heck of a lot of space on your computer so I’m constantly dumping onto the external so I can keep my machine running quickly. I don’t save anything to the cloud except that my videos are hosted on YouTube which is technically saving it to the cloud. So I guess that works out.

I have to have a lot of SD cards when I’m filming with tons of space because running out of room to save footage is a terrible thing when you’re on set filming. I always have 32 gigs in the camera when I’m filming my SSS episodes for the week so I know I’m not going to run out of room and have to reposition the camera in order to get a new SD card in the reader. Huge bummer.


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  1. anooooooooooon

    you know what? i was going to rag on how crappy (i thought) your site was, but it looks like you’re just one person running it.
    looks like you’re working hard.
    i doubt it’s worth the effort, but the hard work is admirable, good for you.
    keep it up, woman.

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