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InstaQuote App Review [VIDEO]

Since photos are obviously so crucial in social media marketing, I thought I would do an app review of the one I use most often to grab the attention of my network with beautiful text quotes.

InstaQuote App Review

I really like InstaQuote (available in both the iTunes and Google Play stores) because it focuses on text first and foremost. There are a lot of apps really that you can put text on pictures and create a meme or something similar. But I like this because instead of just sharing a motivational quote by typing it into a status update. I can type it in this app and it’s formatted to be the most beautiful way to view quotes.

There are so many different backgrounds and text options to choose from. I actually upgraded to the pro level because I wanted any one of them to be at my disposal. It’s so much more fun when you’re not recycling the same background over and over. The upgrade it worth it for the number of options you get.

You can also change the text size, the color of the text, add background photos instead of what they offer, and save the photo to compatible apps like Instagram as well as save to your camera roll. The images are Instagram size-friendly so no worries about cropping as well.

So important to keep in mind how vital it is to use photos in your social media marketing. Facebook has proven its effectiveness over and over but even Twitter is getting on board. With photos uploaded directly to the social network showing up IN the newsfeed. No need to even click to view!

(Remember, Instagram photos must be clicked and viewed on the Instagram website as it is no longer photo friendly with Twitter’s dashboard. So to take advantage of this feature you would need to upload directly to Twitter.)

What do you think of the app? Do you have a better option or a more fun way to to take advantage of photo-friendly text apps? Share in the comments!

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