Why You MUST Dress for Success [VIDEO]

What you look like has a lot to do with what people’s first impression is going to be. Sorry to break it to you if you’re against that materialistic, judgmental way of thinking but it’s true. If you don’t come to terms with it, the rest of the world will move on without you.

So I wanted to talk today about what you choose to wear as a solopreneur, work-from-home freelancer, YouTuber, whatever you call yourself. Because it’s more important than you might be giving it credit.

Why You MUST Dress for Success

When I first started working for myself I was stoked to be able to wear sweat pants every day. I was LOVING it. For about a month. It was just so liberating that I was my new boss and I got to make the rules, so I was going to put new rules in place no matter if they were right or now. And that included being comfy all the damn time.

But it got old pretty quick and that’s because it’s never really been in my nature to fall behind in appearance. I’ve always been just a step ahead with a cute heel or a great updo (sorry if I’m losing you, gentleman.) In my early 20s I was working full time in customer service and was known for a crisp white blouse and a variety of colors in slacks and skirts. And I didn’t know what “day-to night” was because even after work going to happy hour, I didn’t want to change a thing. I felt good about what I had on every day and worked it no matter what the environment.

I just really like feeling good about myself on the outside, just in case I need to over compensate for what I might be feeling on the inside. Looking great and appropriate always helps you save face.

A friend of my boyfriend stopped by the other day and asked me why I was all dressed up. I shouldn’t have to explain that, even if I am the only human working in my office (love ya, Lucy!) That’s so disappointing to me. I also read a blog post the other day that was called “Do you dress like a blogger?” and I wanted to puke. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, work from home, part-time, full-time, whatever. You should always dress for the position you aspire to.

I wake up every morning excited about picking out an outfit for the day because it’s going to be making a statement about how I’m approaching everything that comes my way, so that I can then go into the bathroom and address myself as the CEO of my company while I brush my teeth. 

I deserve that praise for how hard I work and I deserve to look like I work really hard.

No matter if you’re a business owner, video creator, casual blogger, etc. You’re trying to make a name for yourself in some capacity if you’re here. And what do you envision yourself looking like when people who look up to you approach you someday? That image of myself is burnt into my skull and I get to put that personality on with my appearance every day in an effort to be closer to it as a reality in my business.

What does it mean for you to dress like success? Share in the comments!


  1. Phillip Lee

    When you look good and you feel better about yourself and it can have a effect on others.

  2. SO True! I always have people in and out of my house asking ” where are you going!?”..knowing I work from home…”MAYBE nowhere!..or maybe somewhere, who knows? Because I RUN THE SHOW” Does it really matter? I feel good! And I can tell you, some days I have a client call me and need me to come see them and I absolutely don’t want to show up with my top knot and gym clothes on all like “ya you just gave me money to help run your business, im totally professional..promise” Also, I think its important to mention that if someone sees you out dressed all nice and official looking..they are more inclined to ask what you do for a living…opening up the conversation to possibly obtain a new lead. Get it girl.

  3. Emma Ward

    Agreed! I’m working with graduates at the moment, and it still shocks me how outraged they are that they have to dress to impress. Like it or not, that’s life – dress smart, look smart.

  4. Chris Fry

    Not really. It’s what’s on the inside that matters most. It’s like lipstick on a pig when you have well dressed employees that are not creative, savvy, wise, productive, etc., in the workplace. I say “cut the bullshit, the workplace isn’t a fashion show runway.” It’s a workplace where people should get to work and produce, create, innovate, inspire, etc. Well dressed employees remind me of this FedEx commercial. http://youtu.be/zNCrMEOqHpc

  5. Chris Fry

    It’s a bonus if you can do all of what I said in a stylish outfit, that makes your butt look smaller.

  6. Agreed with you 100% Amy! Why should you only dress professionally for someone’s company and not your own? Dressing professionally while in your home office should be no different. Love your outfits by the way! Jeanette

  7. SweatyBetties

    hahaha this is so perfect… I was a self proclaimed #fitnesshag but started getting REAL big people clothes and dressing better… this is so good;)

  8. SweatyBetties Fitness clothes are the best! Most comfy thing ever. I try to wear it on the weekends but genuinely feel bad if I have no intention of going to the gym. lol

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