Duolingo App Review [VIDEO]

I found an amazing app this weekend that I’m totally obsessed with as I’m getting in touch with my schoolgirl self and my love of speaking Spanish.

Watch Duolingo App Review:

I’ve always wanted to be fluent in Spanish as I took it throughout school for about eight years and then bought the Rosetta Stone program last year to keep continuing my education. But it’s never been something I could just do on the fly and try to keep up with regularly.

Duolingo is an awesome app that is a foreign language teacher, similar to platforms like Rosetta Stone but totally mobile. You can play word games, picture association and even speak to the app to practice and it really helps you learn how to speak another language. The best part is that it’s a free app! That’s a huge difference from other programs.

There are probably in app purchases that can help you expand your learning but knowing how much I paid for Rosetta Stone, it’s definitely going to be a bargain in comparison. The best part is that Duolingo – the app – has not prompted me to buy anything yet and I’ve been plugging away at it for days. I am getting some emails about that, but it’s doesn’t bother me because I’m not in the middle of learning being forced to make a purchase decision.

Definitely a great app to check out if you want to get cultured! And who doesn’t?

Check out Duolingo on iOS and Android.

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I have tried the app and  tried the "English to German" course ("Dutch to English" isn't available yet, so I thought I try this one). It's a really funny app, and it definitely works so thanks for tip for that.

As an additional tip: if you want to learn a language quick watch kids shows  in the language you want to learn. (for example Sesamestreet in Spanish  via Youtube) This really helps to improve your pronunciation.   

Pedrotl Soltun
Pedrotl Soltun

My daughter has been hooked on it for the last few months, and yes it is on android. Must tell you though, one of my first gigs when i moved to Canada was to teach Spanish and sadly to report, anglos are So lazy when it comes to learning a second language! (I'm such an ass generalizing here, just my personal experience) I am sure you'll prove me wrong. Use and abuse all your spanish speaking friends/contacts/followers.. I will speak for all hispano parlantes (I am a native spanish speaker) we love to help out peeps with their spanish. Great app, awesome vid as per usual! Gracias =)

Erik de Bont
Erik de Bont

Hmm. This is something to look forward to.

Anthony Ryan
Anthony Ryan

Lol! I JUST started using this this week, too!!


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