STOP Liking Your Own Facebook Status [VIDEO]

Great suggestion from the Facebook page of what today’s video should be about from Ashwini. What’s the deal with brands liking their own Facebook status? I hear ya. Let’s vent, shall we?

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STOP Liking Your Own Facebook Status

I’m going to give a lot of brands the benefit of the doubt that they’re not actually liking their status on purpose, the way that makes them look really silly. If you are, however, liking your brand’s status with your brand name you need to know that this is not helping you in anyway. It’s not social proof. And your fans think you’re dumb. Just sayin’.

Most people however just don’t realize they are ACTING as the page when they are liking the status. Especially if you go back to your personal newsfeed and see your brand’s status update. You might think by hitting the “like” button that you are representing your personal profile and will then be registered as a like from someone other than the page. You would be wrong.

You need to be on the brand page and toggle the option to act as yourself instead of the admin of the page. That way, you will be counted as a separate entity and you’ll get that one additional like you were hoping for.

What do you think of brands who like their status? Ignorant or arrogant?


  1. Savvy Sexy Social

    I only do that if I forgot to include some information and don’t want to repost. But I hear what you’re saying.

  2. dontheideaguy

    I agree with the practice that you don’t need to Like your own status (I see plenty of both Personal and Business users that do this), but in my own visits to friends and brands pages I don’t really care (as a user — not as a marketer) whether they Like their own status or not. 
    My assumption would be that they obviously Like the information in the post (otherwise, why bother?) But it doesn’t enter my mind to think one way or the other (favorably or unfavorably) of them as a brand/person for that practice. 
    All I really concern myself with is whether or not *I* Like the post.

  3. SavvySexySocial

    enistico haha Yes! Thanks for retweeting Erica. Much appreciated. We must make it stop!

  4. dontheideaguy Totally get what you’re saying and like I said in the video, I really think brands are doing this on accident when they meant to have it tallied on behalf of their personal presence. That said, people doing it on purpose can do whatever they want of course. But the reality is that they MUST like the content if they bothered to post it in the first place. So the “like” is really redundant and a bit self-indulgent. Just my opinion and I really appreciate yours. Good to know you’re not as judging as I!

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