How to Get Noticed By Your Digital Mentor [VIDEO]
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How to Get Noticed By Your Digital Mentor [VIDEO]

I get questions a lot about how to properly approach an industry professional or “guru” so that they will notice you and hopefully help you build your brand by becoming a part of your network. I kinda want to puke a little in my mouth when I hear this because it’s like people think there’s some sort of secret to getting in with the big talent… and  it can’t possibly be about just being a normal person.

So today we’re going to talk about some best practices when it comes to making an impression on a digital mentor when you want them to know who you are.

How to Get Noticed By Your Digital Mentor

Stop cold emailing

If you’re writing emails to people you’d like to get to know and it’s just paragraphs and paragraphs about your life story is and what you’re trying to do, you’ve already been ignored. Don’t you think there are already a ton of people trying to cold email them about their needs? Why would you want to be categorized that way and be disregarded along with them?

Step out of the lurk and get active in their community

You might not be a lurker on purpose but a lot of people will find great info and following someone because they consistently learn from them, but never make it known on a more reguar basis that they appreciate the content. Just taking the info and implementing is not going to get you anywhere with becoming a known advocate. Instead, start commenting on the posts you appreciate most and share meaningful posts on social media to their stuff so that you stand out to the mentor.

Subscribe to them the way they want you to be

Aside from engaging the community with comments and shares, you should definitely subscribe in the way that they consistently ask their audience to be. A lot of times this is with an email list which opens up even more opportunities for you to reach out to them because now you have a regular email from them to respond to. Remember reverse email marketing? Get it.

Stop using the work “fan” and lean toward using the word “admire”

When you continue to identify yourself as a fan, it sets you up to not quite be at that person’s level. Almost like the friend zone. You’re being fan zoned. If you instead approach the mentor as if you’re equals and talk about your appreciation for what they do and that you admire their work, there’s more of transition there to talk about what you do and how you might be able to partner in the future because you aren’t going all fangirl and losing credibility.

How have you gotten on the radar of your favorite digital mentor?

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Laurie BetterBeeDaily
Laurie BetterBeeDaily

Really great advice, and timely for me! I'm definitely going to implement your ideas, because I did cold email one big blogger I really like, and I even know her in-laws.... needless to say, no response. Kind of hurt my feelings a bit, however, after watching this video, I understand SO much better!

Hope you're enjoying your vacation! :)

Phillip Lee
Phillip Lee

Information everyone can use..thanks Amy.

Erik de Bont
Erik de Bont

I think @Schmittastic is incapable of making a bad video.. . No, all jokes aside. Will watch it, learn from it and enjoy it as always.


An interesting video, as always :)