When Are You Going To “Blow Up”? [Sunday Real]

I get comments pretty often from friends, fans, viewers, followers, everyone. About my content and videos. How “few” views they have. How more people should know who I am. Why I am just as good or better than the “famous” marketing people out there.

And the question is always “when are you going to blow up”? When is something going to go viral and my online presence take a 90 degree turn straight up in the numbers.

I smile when I hear this. It tickles me to know that my friends are advocating for me to become successful. But I have a secret.

I’ve already found success.

Number of subscribers, followers, comments, Facebook likes. These are not measurements of my success. Is social proof a bad thing? No. Do higher numbers mean more traffic? Yes. I might get excited about new followers but it’s because they’ve decided to come on this journey with me.

I’m helping people. I create content and help at least one person with their business growth every single day. I know because they tell me. I have emails and tweets and in-person accounts of people telling me how I helped them. I also have my clients. They found me with my only presence or were referred to me from a connection and I’m working with them everyday to help them find success with marketing through digital media.

And then of course there is my life. I get to work on my schedule. Spend the entire day with my senior dog (don’t tell her I called her that). Fly to events, conferences and vacation whenever I decide. Make the money I decide I want to make. Do what I LOVE.

I appreciate the support and feedback so much and I would never say to stop sending it my way. It’s my motivation to keep going and do what I do. But if you’re reading this I want you to know, I’m not waiting for my numbers to skyrocket. I’m not waiting to go “viral”. I’m living and breathing success every day and by doing that I know I will only see more.

But it will get here when it gets here. And I’ll be ready.

Do you get feedback from those outside looking in that you want to clarify?
How do you define success?
What keeps you going every day so you can reach our goals? Are they enough?