Email is NOT Dead [VIDEO]

email is not deadWith all the fuss around social media (and trust me, I get it) it’s easy to decide that email is this ancient technology that no one is using anymore. Easy to disregard. But email is NOT dead. Far from it actually.

This Savvy Tuesday episode is all about email marketing and how it’s a part of the sales process for building a business and/or brand awareness online.

Watch Email is NOT Dead:

Email is important as it plays an important role in the process of turning online acquaintances into customers.

The first step in that process is with social media. This is where we meet friends and fans who appreciate our content, information and conversation that we bring to the table. That’s when you start to have people who will check out your work and visit your website — step 2. As they take a look around and become loyal readers, meaning they’re more likely to stay on your website for an extended period of time or read more than a couple of pages, they become leads for your brand that we need to capture.

But it’s not likely that while in step 2 these people are going to commit to your services. Unless you make them fall in love with you immediately, which of course it possible, you need to be able to communicate with them more effectively so they don’t forget who you are when it does come time for them to make a purchase decision.

And that’s where email comes in. We want to take these leads and turn them into prospects which means collecting their contact information. No. Their Twitter/Facebook/Google Plus/Any other social network is not good enough for you to be sure you’re getting in front of their eyes reguarly with focused attention. But email can do that. So that’s why you need to have an opt-in form READY TO GO on your site before it’s even launched. (I hope it’s in that sidebar of yours.) You never want to lose an opportunity to connect more personally with site visitors/leads.

If you do not do this, you are making the chances of being refound by these people very slim. Sure they cared about you when they arrived and liked what they saw. But that just means another follow on Twitter or another bookmark on the browser. Both of which can be forgotten very quickly, and why leave that to chance?

Having that opt-in form ready and getting people to take that step shows they have trust in your brand and they want what you’re sellin’… even though they’re hoping for a lot more free stuff before they make that decision. You have to continue to load them up with value now that you have their undivided attention with email so you can make those sales pitches as they come along.


Have you used email marketing to your business’ advantage?

What concerns do you have about communicating through email?

What are you doing with social media right now that should be taking place in a prospecting medium?


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Amy is the Founder of Savvy Sexy Social and President of Vlog Boss Studios, a digital marketing agency specializing in video content creation. Connect with her on Twitter.

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Hi Amy, I'm a firm believer in the power of "good" email marketing as well, especially when it leans towards the helpful and educational side, as opposed to the straight-up sales pitch. Those sales emails are never fun! 

Regarding email list sign up forms on your web site, do you have any recommendations as far as companies I should look into? I'd like to add a sign-up form to my web site soon (and also deploy email campaigns) and noticed you have a promo banner for A-Weber on your site. Is that who you use? Do you like them? I've heard good things about them, but have also used MailChimp in the past at my prior job and liked it a lot. I'm still getting my site off the ground so would prefer not to spend too much money each month if possible.

Please let me know your thoughts on A-Weber, or any other suggestions would be helpful. Thanks and great work on your videos! 

- Jeff - GoodnightGadgets

Ola Alak
Ola Alak

haha I think you look adorbs! and sassy


As an addition. Please make 100% sure everything (opt-in form, links etc..) works on your website, because it's killing when it does not. I say this because I experienced today a website on which it didn't. We were trying download a trial version of some software  and weren't able to select it due to errors on the form of the website. Even tried different browsers. These are painfull mistakes, and leave a very bad first impression. 

Good video, Amy!

schmittastic moderator

Ha! Totally normal behavior. And I appreciate that a ton, DJ. P.S. I was just talking about you yesterday with my client. Maybe you know Michael Bowers with Ohio Growth Summit? Hoping we can borrow you for our podcast. Mind if I email you?