Instagram Video Tips [VIDEO]

Instagram VideoAs you probably very well know, especially if you’re an Instagram user, the network added video to the multimedia you can share on the network. I was one of 5 million videos that were uploaded with Instagram video in the first 24 hours of the app’s update. Talk about your trending topic…

So for Social Thursday, rather than just explain as I always do of why you should be using video for your social media presence, I’m going to assume you’re listening to me at this point and share some tips to get the most out of your videos posted to Instagram.

Instagram Video Tips

1) Stop worrying about Vine App and/or posting the same stuff on both networks

Will Instagram kills Vine App? Who knows? Who cares? You have to deal with the fact that any social network you decide to spend time and budget on may or may not be taken away from your someday. Instagram certainly has an upper hand to most micro-video creators who already have an account with them because it’s easier to just plan editorial around one app and not have to open two (that are similar, but not the same).

Vine App is 6 seconds. Instagram is 15 seconds. That is a considerable difference of moments you can share, therefore they should not be the same. Plan to execute on each network differently and they are much more likely to be tailored for their respective audiences. For instance, what would Dawn Siff done differently on Instagram than from her Vine resume?

2) Maintain the type of experience that your followers are used to

The reason Instagram waited to release video is that they wanted to make sure it was exactly the right tool for its users to maintain the beautiful experience that it is known for with photography. So now that you have that ability with beautiful, original filters and Cinema, an image stabilization feature built right into the app, think about the atmosphere and vibe that you’ve shared previously with your audience through photos and think of how you can continue and enhance that same experience with video.

If you’re an account that shares beautiful photos of home-cooked dishes and the caption is full of the recipe, you could do a video of a stop-motion instruction of how to cook it and the thumbnail can be the final product. This is a great example of enhancing what was already a great experience. Does that mean you can’t go outside of the “kitchen”, so to speak? No. Your audience would love to get to know you in other ways, but if you stray too far from your branding because you thought something would be funny or cute on video, you may lose followers who were there for a specific reason.

3) Hashtags are as important as ever

It’s now a little more of a thought process as you’re looking at search results in hashtags on Instagram because there is a video indicator on the images that represent moving pictures instead of still. This is definitely going to give videos an advantage to be found in search because if the thumbnail you chose for that video is intriguing to users enough to make them wonder what happened in the context of that photo, you have a new viewers and possibly follower.

Investigate what’s happening in hashtags in your niche to get an idea of where you would best be able to make an impression on a greater audience. Also great for content inspiration.

4) Keep taking photos

Just like you don’t want to stray from the branding of your account, don’t stray from the brand of the network. Instagram was built into a very successful network that is now owned by Facebook because of the photo-sharing that is happening there. So continue to share photos as your audience has “liked” in the past and use video more strategically amongst them

P.S. If ever you’re in a windy situation or one with just all around terrible audio, just take a picture. No matter if it would have been better as a video, if its bad audio no one is watching it.



Have you started using Instagram videos?

Were you a fan of the network before?

How has your audience reacted to your content in the past versus what you’re sharing now?