Podcasting: Why Is It So Popular? [VIDEO]

Have you noticed it seems like everyone has a podcast these days? I mean yeah, I’m one of them but it’s not all bad right? Maybe it seems like everyone wants to hear themselves talk but have you thought about how a podcast might improve your social media presence?

Podcasting: Why Is It So Popular

Audio is a really interesting medium to share your message in. It’s very easy to consume even if you just think about your favorite radio station to listen to during your commute or while you’re working in the office.

So why not use those opportunities where people are exciting to have someone in the background of their everyday, especially the talk radio listeners and offer them something they’re already interested in as one of your viewers/readers: your content?

Why is audio cool?

Audio is important because there is more of a tolerance to hear information or content for longer periods of time. We listen to the radio, audiobooks, music and other stuff like that for longer periods of time so there is more space for someone in content creation to share their message.

Also, there’s nothing that replaces good conversation. Not even blog posts or 3-minute videos. Some of the best content I’ve heard or even came up with on my own were from talking with someone about something we have in common to build ideas. So if you then record that and call it a podcast, you’ve got something really valuable for both yourself and your audience.

Look like a connector

It’s great to show off who you’re chatting with on your podcasts as well because this build your reputation as a connector in your industry which is ALWAYS good for business. Have the opportunity to chat with some of your favorite people, expose them to your audience and share interesting ideas that everyone would love to hang onto every word of.

This IS networking

Podcasting is just networking. The good kind. Instead of thinking about the next event you can shove your business card out to, think about who you can promote with an audio interview and at the same time because able to pick the brain of for the good of the content. Good networking is just good conversation.

Thinking about starting your own podcast? Here are some tools you might find useful if you’re a noob.

Let us know in the comments if you have a show so we can learn more about it!

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Savvy Sexy Social
Savvy Sexy Social

It sort of is when you think about how I'm doing mine. I'm creating it with live Google Hangouts, but the idea is that because it's long and more conversational than most informational YouTube content, that's the difference. My videos are like 3 minutes. My podcast is an hour and I'm sending the audio to be published on itunes for easier consumption.

Ryan Hanley
Ryan Hanley

Love podcasting... Your episode drops Sunday. Boom.