We’re All in Sales :: Greatest #OGS13 Takeaway [VIDEO]

As most of you know, I attended Ohio Growth Summit last Thursday here in Columbus and I wanted to share my greatest takeaway for those of you who couldn’t attend.

We’re All in Sales :: Greatest #OGS13 Takeaway

“You are all 100% commission sales.”

Keynote speakers this year included Anthony Iannarino and Amber Mac who knocked it out of the park, as well as a lot of amazing breakout sessions. It was just a great day for anyone able to attend and better their business.

The best piece of advice for small businesses that was shared actually came from the first keynote with Anthony. He said “You are all 100% commission sales.”

That might sound odd because you have this great idea and you’re trying to put it to work. You aren’t thinking you’re a sales person, you’re just the thought leader and there are people who can help you with that. But here’s the thing, you may not think you are or want to be in sales but you are. Just like how the marketing department is every department. How the customer service department is every department. You need to think like a sales person so you can find the success you’re looking for by turning your idea into a business.

Best quote of the day: You’re in sales. Get over it.

I also really liked my friend Jess Ostroff‘s breakout session because the mindset for this theme continued with how you may be wasting your time on tasks that can be taken care of with productivity platforms or a virtual assistant. You should be out selling your company to the world! Not spending hours on the little day-to-day tasks that are undoubtedly important but can be handled by someone else.

Don’t think about these assistants as just an expense. Think of that money as how much time you’re getting back to go out and make more money for the company. Your time is worth a lot more than you’re crediting it to be.

Overall, the big picture is all about value. How much of it are you offering to your customer.

If all you do is sit around and think about what your competitor is offering for what you’re doing, you’re wasting too much time. It’s about YOU. What value do you offer and how much is that worth?

Find the dissatification of your customers offer a solution and then go above and beyond that. That’s how a really valuable product is made.

What is your sales strategy?


  1. MichaelBowers

    Great post Amy. As you could tell the point of the Ohio Growth Summit was to get small business owners to take responsibility for their business success. The business owner is the best sales person for a business because they are the most passionate about the product or service. Unfortunately to many people are in the mindset that they are not sales people so they need someone else to sell their product. That is wrong and is a recipe for business failure especially in an early stage business. What the business owner needs to realize is that sales is not about knowing the “tie down closing technique” it is about sharing the value that is in your product with your prospect. For a small business owner that should be easy.

  2. iannarino

    Thanks, Amy! 
    It’s sometimes startling for people to find out that they’re salespeople (okay, it’s almost always startling). But once you understand that all of your results come from your ability to create value for others–and that you have to persuade them that you are the right person to do so–you quickly discover you are a commission-only salesperson. The sooner you embrace your need to sell, the sooner you produce results. 
    Thanks for the killer wrap up here. And you’re right that Mike Bowers built a great program with the Ohio Growth Summit. More entrepreneurs need to take the day away from their business to work “on” the business. No one should miss OGS! 

    1. iannarino Thank you for such an amazing job last week. Anthony! I love learning something new and you taught me a few things — thus the furious smiling and head nodding as you referenced. Looking forward to connecting with you again soon!

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