Freshbooks: Accounting Made Awesome For Small Business [VIDEO]

My accountant was a little disappointed when he saw my file of receipts and spreadsheets to do my taxes this year. I guess I didn’t think about how much harder I was making it for him, much less myself, by not having a great accounting software to help me. After all, I use the Internet for just about everything else.

So for Savvy Tuesday this week, I’m sharing why I love Freshbooks (aff.) Now, I’ll be honest. I didn’t like it at first when I tried it a few years ago. Just didn’t feel right for me at the time so I did all my invoicing with word processors. But since I’ve made the switch in 2013, I’m hooked. I log in for fun. Not even joking. Just to see how things are going in my accounting department. Because that’s what it is.

Freshbooks: Accounting Made Awesome for Small Business

My first favorite thing about the platform is that it will auto-invoice for my retainer clients. Which only makes sense. If someone is paying me the same amount every month, why do I have to waste time making a new invoice from scratch and sending it out myself. Freshbooks is smart enough to handle that on its own. I don’t have to think about anything other than the project and getting the work done. The invoice is auto-created and then paid. Perfect!

I also really love the time tracker for when I need to bill hourly or show my hourly work. Nice little timer that sits on my desktop while I get stuff done. Not to mention having that little thing tick tocking right in front of you keeps you from veering over to social media for “just a quick look” which leads to productive time lost. Oh the hidden features…

Expense tracking is so simple with Freshbooks when you connect your business account. All debits show up in expenses and when you have time you just have to put everything in their expense category and you’re done. You can even upload a picture of your receipt so you don’t have to keep those pesky things around. Absolutely wonderful. I hate receipts.

Best of all, amazing customer service. They actually answer the phone. Fascinating! I know! It’s hard to commit to outsourcing part of your business, but in this situation it’s worth it especially when you know you can give them a call and straighten things out if something’s not right.

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  1. Hola! Very good to know about this. When doing my taxes for 2012 a few months ago, it almost made me not want to freelance anymore. Well, that’s being overly dramatic – it was just exhausting trying to sort it all out, as you know.
    So then my question becomes- how much does this end up costing a person per month? i hopped on over to their site to check it out but was scared at the lack of information and pricing.

    1. hellobrio Really I thought it was displayed somewhere. I pay Freshbooks $20 per month. But I actually heard yesterday that there is a free plan if you only have 3 clients or less. So there may be a work around there. When you see how much it helps you, it’s absolutely worth that amount of money.

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