Adding Portfolio Items to Your Linkedin Profile [VIDEO]

Linkedin is a great network to show off your pro-fresh-sional side, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be a boring time to learn more about you. I’m really excited about the portfolio options that the network has integrated with your work history to show off some of the flare of the work you’ve done. Because don’t we all want our prospective clients to see the great examples first?

Adding Portfolio Items to Your Linkedin Profile

The portfolio addition feature of Linkedin is a great opportunity to tap into those visual learners who visit your profile. Give a direct opportunity after seeing your work history to look at the work you’re most proud of. You can add anything from a link, to a video, to a slideshare presentation.

The media will be full integrated with your profile so they don’t have to leave Linkedin to see it (unless it’s just a plain link, of course… they can’t embed that the same way they can a presentation or video) helping them get a better feel for what you do and where you really excel.

Watch: For instructions on how to find this feature and integrate into your profile, watch the video above.

What are you excited to add to your Linkedin profile?

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Michael Steighner
Michael Steighner

I set mine up a couple years ago and never went back to it! Lol.... Great tips. Guess I need to get on that too ;)


This one is very difficult to fill in for my profession (ICT Consultant). I can't use presentations in my linkedin portofolio since most of them contain information about ICT infrastructures of a company which are not allowed on public channels for obvious security and client confidentiality reasons. Any ideas on how to deal with this issue ?  


Great tip Amy.  I saw videos on your LinkedIn page the other day and was (enviously) wondering how you did them. Having portfolio items really makes your profile stand out.

schmittastic moderator

@edebont you can still talk about case studies even if not specifically. Write about relevant information in a blog post or create a slideshow to address an issue. There are ways to brag about how good you are even if it means leaving confidential details out.