Why You Need to Join #SSSVEDA and Start Vlogging! [VIDEO]

Yesterday I announced the sign up and editorial calendar for #SSSVEDA – April 2013 edition. Since I know you teeter-totterers are still thinking about it, I made a video to help you decide. Vlogging is a great tool for your content marketing strategy and you’ll never start doing it until you get comfortable with it, so this Savvy Tuesday is dedicated to why you need to jump on the bandwagon in preparation of vlogging for your brand.

Why You Need to Join #SSSVEDA and Start Vlogging!

1. Stop putting off vlogging

There’s no better time than the present to start vlogging. You need to learn what you’re good at, what you need to work on, what tools to use, etc. If you save all that discovery for your first brand videos that are under more pressure to get done, you’ll be less likely to publish those when they’re needed. Joining #SSSVEDA means you can publish in a lighter, more fun venue with a great community behind you so you can get used to the idea and feel better when you approach it more professionally later.

2. Beat your competition to the vlog

Have you taken a look to see what your competition is up to these days? I can bet that you’d be ahead of the game if you picked up a video camera and started using it to communicate with your audience. There are plenty of customers they’re not reaching that you’ll have an opportunity to if you incorporate multimedia in your strategy.

3. #SSSVEDA participants are behind you

Did you see the list of vloggers? And we’re just getting started! Everyone is very supportive of each other. We subscribe to channels, comment on each others’ videos and get together and chat with the Twitter hashtag about our struggles and questions. With a community behind you, you can’t go wrong!

4. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to

If you don’t vlog every day, we’re not gonna fire you. If you don’t follow the editorial calendar, it’s all good! This is a completely loose challenge where we just want you to get involved when it works for you. If you can vlog every day then AWESOME! But vlogging one more time than usual is putting you on the right track.

So what’s stopping you? Join today!

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Amy Schmittauer is Founder and Face of SavvySexySocial.com. Leading the charge in video blogging for business, Amy has grown a following for the site that has amassed more than 1.2 million video views and become a vital referral source consultancy and public speaking career. She is a proud beagle mom, coffee addict and shares most of her life via video and on Twitter. A true social media frenzy. Connect with her on Twitter.
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Hi Amy, I would like to do this! My biz is chapstick, lotions, soap, candle, etc.  How exactly could you use vlogging as compared to blogging to benefit that type of business?



I blog anonymously and am interested in vlogging, but then I wouldn't be anonymous anymore. Could I use my dog to vlog on my behalf? Or have any suggestions on how to get around the anon concern?


%s thanks for sharing, doll! Excited for %s to get started! You gonna join :) %s

schmittastic moderator

@JackieSiperko Show off how awesome it all is! I'm sure you use photos to display your products so use video to talk about it and how they would be best used. VIdeo opens up so many more possibilities for beauty products. Have you watched any beauty vloggers on YouTube before?

schmittastic moderator

@slofia You can get super creative! You could use your voice and use screencast technology to create video. Or you could just use images and music to show your atmosphere and how you're feeling. I know Emma is using Vine, which is only 6 second videos. If you go that route it would be easy to get away with not showing your face. It's harder to show personality when there's not a face, but you need to think of ways to incorporate your personality differently if you want to make those personal connections.


@schmittastic @JackieSiperko yes, mostly tutorials which is not what direction I wanted to go in. I was looking at using it more in the marketing direction and not how to. I will have to figure out a way to intermingle the two.

Thank you so much!!!


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