VEDA: Vlog Every Day in April 2013! #SSSVEDA

shoot the schmittWe’re doing it again, and I know you’ve been looking forward to it!

A week from now is the semiannual kick-off for video makers to celebrate VEDA: Vlog Every Day in April. (If you haven’t already guessed, the other VEDA is in August.) Whether you’re a seasoned vlogger or brand new and looking to get more comfortable in front of the camera, this is a great opportunity for you to jump in on the fun!

Many of my readers know that I make video not only professionally, but personally. It’s how I really got “into” the Internet and how I like to share my message with all of you about marketing and better business practices. But geting comfortable on camera came first so this is your opportunity to start that process for your vlogging future! So, if you’re interested in joining the Savvy Sexy Social VEDA Troop (on Twitter known as #SSSVEDA), I’m here to offer you the full VEDA package today! Sign up with the Google spreadsheet form below and benefit from all of the following:

  • A full calendar of topics to share so you never run out of stuff to talk about (as seen below in the public Google calendar but don’t feel like you HAVE to follow it. If something fun happens in your life or you can share some thing more interesting… DO IT!)
  • Access to a list of video channels to all those participating so you can watch and learn from others
  • ME as your first VEDA viewer!
  • The possibility of being featured on this blog and the SSS social networks should it get chosen as one of my top vlogs of the week!

So get out your camera or smartphone, dust off your YouTube or social video account (SocialCam, Viddy, Tout, etc.), and let’s get vlogging! Sign up with the form below and get ready to kick off VEDA on April 1st! (No, this is not a well planned April fools joke. I swear.)

**If you’re totally not interested and just want to tune in to the rest of us, make sure to subscribe to my iPhone channel as well as all the ones listed below! They and I will greatly appreciate the support! Also, you don’t have to worry about your regularly scheduled programming. I will still make my resource vlogs on Savvy Sexy Social channel as usual.**



Be sure to tweet your vlogs with the hashtag tag #SSSVEDA! Let the fun begin on April 1st!


  1. TicoandTina

    VlogBoss I’ll add myself on your list if you add yourself on mine? =) I was searching for something last week!

  2. TicoandTina

    SavvySexySocial add your channel on my list, too! just wanted a list and couldn’t find anything last week

  3. TicoandTina

    SavvySexySocial I added our channel on yours but I don’t see it showing up yet and can’t access the calendar?

    1. SavvySexySocial

      TicoandTina The form was doing some weird formatting thing. All fixed! And you should be able to see the calendar. It’s embedded and public

  4. brianomv

    SavvySexySocial Are you going to give us the calendar link or does it already exist? #SSSVEDA

    1. Schmittastic

      @brianomv you should see it on the sign up page. Let me know if it’s not working. SavvySexySocial

  5. emmacossey

    Looking forward to it! I’ll be using Vine as I’m getting hitched at the end of the month so time is limited! 🙂

  6. Cassidy Quinn Brettler

    ahhh I forgot about VEDA! I should do it… do you usually do edited or unedited vlogs for the month?

  7. omv

    There subbed to the people on the list so far, happy to see that I was already subbed to a few of them hehe.
    Last year I joined several VEDA lists though, this year I am only doing #SSSVEDA

  8. Shaun Simpson - Columbus, Dublin & Powell Realtor

    Hmmmm……this is like going 0-100 on the (v)blog world. It could force me out of my procrastination mode I’m in on getting it started.

  9. unicusDOTcom

    SavvySexySocial Where do you get time to vlog everyday? I work for a Dot com company and we are starting to embrace social media big time.

  10. MDSimages

    Looking forward to another Vlogging journey! THanks for putting it together again 🙂

    #SSSVEDA here we go!

      1. Checkmybadself

        StephsBubble every time I see WWF I still think of Wrestling. I’ve never been live but I’m going next month with Ben and Steve at the 02!

        1. StephsBubble

          Checkmybadself Seriously? don’t tell me the oldies are still wrestling? Who’s in the line-up?

        2. Checkmybadself

          StephsBubble It’s all new, I think only the Undertaker is still in it. I just want to go there and go American-style OTT for a laugh!

        3. StephsBubble

          Checkmybadself Do you think the Undertaker will appear through the ring like he did that time back in the 90s? *DRAMA*

  11. lisa_eatsworld

    StephsBubble Checkmybadself Egg101 BabyMoneySavers oo sounds interesting. are you doing it?

  12. Checkmybadself

    StephsBubble Egg101 BabyMoneySavers lisa_eatsworld I don’t get it, record yourself doing what?

      1. Checkmybadself

        StephsBubble Egg101 BabyMoneySavers lisa_eatsworld about? Just a video diary type thing?

        1. StephsBubble

          Checkmybadself Egg101 BabyMoneySavers lisa_eatsworld check the calendar on the link I sent you for topics or anything you want 🙂

        2. StephsBubble

          Checkmybadself Egg101 BabyMoneySavers lisa_eatsworld but you were so good on socialcam with asifmirza with FreeTheMouse #Gagsters

        3. asifmirza

          StephsBubble Checkmybadself Egg101 BabyMoneySavers lisa_eatsworld FreeTheMouse what’s this? Socialcam mischief? I’m there!

  13. Anita Coleman

    Screwed up my youtube channel address… posting again… 3rd times a charm… #SSSVEDA

    1. Paula Stephens

      @tonygreene113 SavvySexySocial -that will be part of your charm….Put it out there! 🙂

  14. Paula Stephens

    This is so awesome – i can’t do it this month, but it’s on my calendar for August! 🙂

  15. TC

    Hi Amy! If I don’t have a Twitter, how could I let others know the video blog I’ve posted? Thanks XD

    1. @TC Try adding the hashtag to your YouTube title, that will help it appear in search. And definitely subscribe and comment on other videos so they other vloggers know you’re doing the challenge as well. You’re also welcome to post your videos here or on my Facebook page!

  16. RickWolff

    Should someone actually say, “Oh good, Rick Wolff’s here” (hey, it could happen!), clicking on the link in the spreadsheet works. I also got a custom URL, but not my choice, that I wanted transferred from my original Google identity, which I don’t want anyone using, because the second one has an email address branded with my domain (If I had $, I’d pay someone to straighten out this rat’s nest Google has me in).
    Bottom line: I’m also at (note the three fs).

  17. Day 2 and I am already having more fun than I thought I would!  (and I was pretty sure I was gonna have fun) 
    Learning more about my editing program which is good as well.  I am
    going to continue to experiment as we go through the month.  Pretty sure
    I want to do a video every day for the rest of 2013!

      1. monikamcg

        schmittastic monikamcg Thank you so much.  I will still do an intro video… I didn’t read the directions.  🙂

  18. AngieHerrera

    I joined in a little late in the game, but ready and pumped to this! Here is my first (and second) day of videos:


  19. AngieHerrera

    Also (sorry for the double post!), I checked the spreadsheet and my name and link appear four times! can you please edit that? 🙂 thanks in advance!

  20. RickWolff

    Now what we need is a Tumblr that embeds all the participation day by day, for one-stop watching. (Not me, I’ve never used Tumblr.)

    1. Artismia

      RickWolff Will you help me post the videos? And If Amy schmittastic approves, I will see about setting it up.

      1. Artismia RickWolff schmittastic If you guys want to coordinate I’m happy to see that happen. I just can’t commit to that unfortunately. More power to ya!

        1. Artismia

          schmittastic Thank you for your blessing, I will try to get something going, It seems like it might be quite the challenge.  I am concerned however that this may limit viewer comments, likes and follows?

  21. Artismia

    Trying to get the introductions all in one place.  There are a lot! Here’s what I have so far.

  22. joe_lennon

    Day 6 of #VEDA Ireland has sun?? WTF??
    #SSSVEDA #JoeVlogsTV

  23. monikamcg

    Yesterday’s video a neat new listing… I only did the front and main part of the house and was planning on doing bedrooms and back yard today BUT 5 showings this morning so I probably won’t do it.  Need to come up with a day 7 video.

  24. mjsiebolt

    I am sorry I missed it even though I did August VEDA in 2013, Will you be doing this in 2015 for April and August this would be awesome! check out my VEDA in April and August  on my website at 


    We Should Also do Vlogmas: this is where you vlog every day till you celebrate Christmas my family does Christmas Eve

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