My Social Scheduling Routine with Hootsuite and Buffer App [VIDEO]

Social scheduling is a great way to make social media presence a little more managable for small businesses. I’ve definitely discussed my strategies before, but I wanted to update you on my latest routine for scheduling activity that has been the most efficient for me.

My Social Scheduling Routine with Hootsuite and Buffer App

Hootsuite and Buffer App are both great option for scheduling your Twitter activity but becuase they have different features, I like to use them for different reasons.

As you’ll see in the screencast of the video, I like to make sure I’m covering the promotional information I need to get out with Hootsuite. That’s because you can pick a time for each tweet specifically and I can make sure they are being shared at the best times without worrying about the other content that I also want to share like helpful articles and tips. Hootsuite is best for specific scheduling and making sure you have your editorial calendar planned for the way it needs to be.

Buffer App is great for when you’re trying to add a bunch of fun stuff on the fly. I’ve raved about them before so you’re probably familiar. You plan your schedule in advance for Buffer activity so whenever I find good information to share with my community, I will throw it in the Buffer for a specific social account and the post will just go out whenever the next time slot specifies. Because it’s not my content I’m not as concerned of the time it’s being shared, but I do want to show that my Twitter stream is more than just me promoting myself and Buffer App helps me do that.

So now I have Hootsuite sharing my content at the scheduled times and in between Buffer app is sharing other helpful information. I now have a very active and resourceful Twitter stream with these two apps working as a team. And to complete the awesomness, I make time every day to chat with people on the account’s behalf so you can also see that my presence is engaged in what other people are tweeting about as well.

One other platform you probably noticed was Feedly. This is an RSS platform that I’m using to subscribe to blogs an have all the content I could want to read in one place so I can find out what’s happening to share with my community. Something to consider if you’re trying to read the news a little more efficiently. But of course, following Twitter is good for this as well.

What is your social scheduling routine?