Fitbit One Review for a Healthier Entrepreneur [VIDEO]

I have been very health conscious lately because I’m noticing a big change in my body as I have a slower lifestyle. Sure, I rush from appointment to appointments sometimes. But I mostly only commute from my home office to the rest of my house in between workload and mobile meetings and that’s not near enough activity. (Who knew having a car might actually help me lose weight?) So today I want to share my new favorite device that has been helping me keep my activity level on track to be a healthier entrepreneur, and that is the Fitbit One.

Fitbit One Review for a Healthier Entrepreneur

The Fitbit One is a bluetooth device that syncs with your smartphone or computer. If you wear it throughout the day it tracks your daily step count (pedometer), stairs climbed, distance traveled and calories burned. You can set goals for each so the Fitbit will encourage you to reach your goals every day. (My main goal is to hit 10,000 steps every day because that is the average for an active person rather than a computer hugger.)

Some of the more interesting features are for your sleep. Yes sleep. Something very important for us business builders. The fitbit can tell by your activity throughout the night whether you slept well and for long enough. It can also vibrate a silent alarm when you wear the Fitbit wristband so you can wake up at your scheduled time and not disturb your partner. One of my favorite features ever because I tend to set high goals for waking up and hit the snooze 3-4 times. (You guys know I’m not a morning person.)

The Fitbit One was around $99 which is very affordable for all the features it has compared to its competitors. Find out more of whether it would be a good fit for your lifestyle by checking out this Amazon link. (affiliate)

How are you staying fit every day?


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    SavvySexySocial I was always not sure between fitbit or jawbone or others, but after your video I made my choice: I’m waiting for my One!

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      Awesome! matteo_rosina: SavvySexySocial I was always not sure between fitbit or jawbone or others, but after your video I made my choice

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