Increase Loyal Readers with YouTube's InVideo Programming [VIDEO]
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Increase Loyal Viewers with YouTube’s InVideo Programming [VIDEO]

YouTube is constantly making changes with the functionality of their platform and sometimes they get it oh-so-right! The introduction of InVideo Programming is proving to be a great asset to video creators by taking a random viewer and turning them into a loyal subscriber. So for Sexy Wednesday, I’m going over the features of InVideo Programming and how you can use them to grow your audience effectively across all of your YouTube content.

Increase Loyal Viewers with YouTube’s InVideo Programming

InVideo Programming was introduced the end of last year and offers a lot of possibilities to grow engagement and even branding design. One of the first great options is that you can feature your channel avatar across all of your videos with this programming which is great for when viewers find your video in search to give you a better opportunity to have them check out more of you content by clicking this annotation-esque avatar on your video to go to your main channel page. If you like your avatar but would rather have a logo of some kind appear on the video – almost like a watermark – you can upload a different icon in the same section that you activate this feature. You’ll notice creators are getting creative with this option by using photoshop to make these logos with a transparant background rather than the square shape an avatar would usually be.

You can also feature a video across all of your content. This is fantastic for when you have a video that continues to see a lot of views from a long time ago and getting those new viewers to see what you’re doing more recently. It’s better for them to have an immediate option to stay on your channel rather than watch the video they found and then go off into the YouTube-verse again. Get them interested in your newest or best content so they’ll consider subscribing and being a loyal viewer.

Are you using InVideo Programming?

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