Get the Most Out of Behind the Scenes Sharing [VIDEO]
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Get the Most Out of Behind-the-Scenes Sharing [VIDEO]

Columbusland Behind The ScenesI was inspired yesterday by all the social sharing that went on at the set of Columbusland episode 3, a Vlog Boss Studios project.

So I thought today would be a good day to talk about how to get the most out of the behind-the-scenes social updates I’m always telling you about. Because if you’re gonna give away the good stuff, you should get to grow your network in return.

How to Get the Most Out of Behind the Scenes Sharing:

  • Make sure you’re sharing great moments that are happening behind the scenes with photos and videos. Text updates are great but won’t travel as far. Letting people see what makes your business fun is an important way of helping them connect to it.
  • But the key is to get PEOPLE involved! It’s great when the brand is sharing behind-the-scenes stuff, but when the people involved are sharing it to their own personal networks word gets around a lot faster. Just imagine everyone who is genuinely excited about the projects they’re working on sharing that with their communities and tagging your brand! You’ll definitely have some curious clickers heading to your page to see what you’re all about.
  • Columbusland was a great example of this yesterday. With all the people who were a part of production posting set pictures to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram communities, the brand got a lot more interaction with a new audience on those platforms and now they know they can see the latest episode in the theater this month. Bigger audience to convert is a great thing!

Strength in numbers. How are you encouraging your people to help?

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